IDG’s PC World Reaches More Direct And Online Buyers Than Any Measured Business Or Technology Title

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – FEBRUARY 28, 2002 – In addition to leading measured technology and business titles with a readership of nearly 6.9 million, PC World also outpaced its competitors in reach to direct and Internet buyers, according to the just-released product data from the Fall 2001 MRI (Mediamark Research, Inc.) Survey of American Consumers.


PC World attracts nearly 3.9 million adults who bought products direct in the past year-372,000 more than its closest competitor, and twice as many as Computer Shopper. In fact, one out of 10 direct computer product buyers reads PC World, nearly double the impact of Business Week. Also, PC World delivers 317,000 more Internet buyers than PC Magazine, and almost as many online buyers of computer products as Fortune, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal combined.

PC World vs. Major Business and Technology Publications

Fall 2001 MRI Product Data: Direct and Internet Purchases in Past 12 Months

Any Direct Purchase *

(000) Purchased Any Computer Products Direct*

(000) Any Internet Purchase

(000) Purchased Any Computer Products via Internet


PC World 3,878 1,641 2,918 1,337

PC Magazine 3,506 1,475 2,601 1,145

Business Week 2,643 850 1,648 680

Yahoo! Internet Life 2,510 799 1,819 642

Forbes 2,416 615 1,511 446

Wall Street Journal 2,397 555 1,506 432

Fortune 2,252 623 1,428 479

Computer Shopper 1,953 904 1,522 802

* Includes mail, phone, and Internet

"In these challenging times, high-tech companies simply must get product out of the door. This data confirms that PC World's editorial focus on buying information is the most effective way to attract the sophisticated buyers who are making this happen," said Bob Ostrow, PC World publisher

PC World's tech-savvy managers have substantial budgets, as well. Among measured business and technology titles, PC World reaches the most online and direct buyers who spent $500 or more in the past 12 months.

PC World vs. Major Business and Technology Publications

Fall 2001 MRI Product Data: Direct and Internet Purchases in Past 12 Months

Spent $500+ on

Direct* Order Items

(000) Spent $500+ on

Internet Order Items


PC World 1,783 1,247

PC Magazine 1,656 1,070

Business Week 1,330 721

Forbes 1,224 659

Wall Street Journal 1,136 628

Fortune 1,103 609

Yahoo! Internet Life 1,014 612

Computer Shopper 975 701

* Includes mail, phone, and Internet

PC World Communications, Inc. is the publisher of PC World and ( and is a subsidiary of IDG, the world's leading IT media, research and exposition company. The winner of the 1999 and 2000 Grand Neal Award for editorial excellence, PC World is the world's largest computer publication with a readership of nearly 6.9 million (Fall 2001 MRI). With an average of 1.6 million unique visitors per month (Media Metrix, August 2001 – January 2002), is a leading online resource for PC-product buyers and users. IDG publishes more than 300 magazines and newspapers and offers online users the largest network of technology-specific sites around the world through (, which comprises more than 300 targeted Web sites in 70 countries. IDG is also a leading producer of 168 computer-related expositions worldwide, and provides IT market analysis through 51 offices in 43 countries worldwide. Company information is available at


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