IDG’s PC World Reaches More Home Purchase Influencers Than Any Technology Magazine, According To IntelliQuest CIMS v9.0 Home Study

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – OCTOBER 18, 2002 – PC World continues to lead all measured technology magazines in reaching the largest audience of home influencers, according to the 2002 Millward Brown IntelliQuest CIMS v9.0 Home Study, surpassing its closest competitor by over 11%.


PC World also out-performed all measured technology publications in many of the key categories most critical to advertisers, including planned purchasing of tech products or services, "advice givers," and reach to the most home influencers planning to buy any computer or software applications.

PC World vs. Top Technology Magazines

IntelliQuest CIMS v9.0 Home Study

Average Issue Audience

(000) Plan to Buy Any Tech Product or Service1

(000) Plan to Buy Any PC2

(000) Plan to Buy Any Software Applications3

(000) Give More Advice Than Receive4


PC WORLD 4,291 3,409 1,996 2,086 2,799

PC Magazine 3,853 3,092 1,862 1,928 2,709

Computer Shopper 2,252 1,735 1,142 1,103 1,477

Wired 1,258 1,026 628 593 755

Maximum PC 842 727 444 404 641

Source: 124241 or 24244-6 or 24251 or 24261-2, 224241 or 24244, 324251, 421411

"The fact that PC World’s average issue audience is highest among all measured technology publications in both the business and home study is significant," said PC World publisher Bob Ostrow. "The magazine’s award-winning editorial is clearly fulfilling its mission of providing technology advice that buyers can trust. IntelliQuest CIMS v9.0 confirms that PC World reaches the most influencers who buy for their companies, buy for themselves, and advise others what to buy."

Furthermore, the study shows PC World’s home influencers are comfortable using the Internet as a buying resource. Not only does it reach the most home influencers who have used the Internet in the past 30 days, it also reaches the greatest number who actually made an online purchase or used the Web to research a purchase made offline.

PC World vs. Top Technology Magazines

IntelliQuest CIMS v9.0 Home Study

Accessed the Internet

(past 30 days) 5

(000) Made an Online Purchase

(past 30 days) 6

(000) Made an Offline Purchase as a Result of Online Shopping 7


PC WORLD 4,128 2,806 2,465

PC Magazine 3,724 2,636 2,181

Computer Shopper 2,102 1,506 1,187

Wired 1,177 903 736

Maximum PC 799 565 424

Source: 517121, 61821x, 71823x,

"Internet users who have made an online purchase have passed a significant checkpoint since they are the ones most likely to continue purchasing in the future," added Ostrow. "And this important study reinforces that PC World’s reach to this buying segment is unsurpassed."

The 2002 Millward Brown IntelliQuest CIMS v9.0 Home Influencer Study sampled 4,728 respondents involved in purchase decisions for computer-related products for their home. This study represents a projected universe of 62.2 million "home influencers."

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