IDG’s PC World Reaches More Purchase Influencers Than Any Measured Computer Or Business Magazine

(San Francisco, CA; September 2, 1999) – PC World, the world's largest computer publication, reaches more than 5.1 million computer product purchase influencers, more than any measured computer or business magazine, according to the just-released 1999 IntelliQuest CIMS v6.0 Business and Home Studies. While the combined universe of influencers increased by 19.5%, PC World outpaced the market's overall growth at 21%–expanding nearly twice as fast as its closest competitor, PC Magazine.

Combined Average Issue Audience of Business and Home Influencers

PC World vs. Selected Computer and Business Titles

Average Issue Audience

CIMS v6.0

(000) Average Issue Audience

CIMS v5.0

(000) Net Increase in Average Issue Audience

(000) PC World Advantage

PC WORLD 5,158 4,263 895 —

PC Magazine 4,984 4,486 498 3%

PC Computing 3,616 3,330 286 30%

Business Week 2,825 2,742 83 45%

Forbes 2,216 1,784 432 57%

Fortune 2,162 2,038 124 58%

"This IntelliQuest data reinforces PC World's leadership position as the premier source of computer product information for home and business," said Jeff Edman, publisher of PC World. "Consistent with MRI Wave 40 data, which reports that PC World delivers the largest average issue audience among computer and business titles, CIMS v6.0 now shows PC World does the best job reaching today's powerful influencers who buy computer products for their companies and themselves. Additionally, PC World's circulation rate base of 1.25 million* is unmatched in the industry–which means its advertisers reach even more of this expanding market of buyers."

In the Business Study, PC World's average issue audience growth of 10.4% surpassed the market's 8.6% gain, underscoring the preference for PC World among business influencers. Its 18.1% growth in reach to managers exceeded the market's growth of 14%, adding nearly a quarter of a million managers. PC World also grew twice as fast as PC Magazine in reach to business influencers who plan to buy PCs.

Business Influencer Study Growth, CIMS v6.0 vs. v5.0

PC World vs. Selected Computer and Business Titles


Net Increase

(All Levels) Percent Growth

Ô99 vs. Ô98 Plan to Buy PCs

Net Increase Percent Growth

Ô99 vs. Ô98

PC WORLD 246,300 18% 194,700 13%

PC Magazine 181,100 12% 115,700 6%

Forbes 85,100 12% (11,700) (2%)

Fortune 41,400 5% (30,200) (5%)

PC Computing 37,500 4% 9,400 1%

Business Week (80,000) (7%) (303,400) (29%)

The CIMS v6.0 Home Study reports that this segment of the computer product buying market is growing the fastest at more than 25%. And, with its average issue audience of more than 4.4 million, PC World is the top-ranked technology publication, gaining 35.3% over CIMS v5.0, and leading PC Magazine by an impressive 586,000 influencers. In addition, PC World reaches more savvy home influencers who use the Internet, plan to buy a PC, and use their home PCs for business, than any measured business or computer magazine. Among home influencers, PC World also added the most online buyers–adding 762,000 active buyers for a year-over-year increase of 68.1%.

The 1999 IntelliQuest CIMS v6.0 Business Influencer Study sampled 8,352 respondents involved in purchase decisions for computer products for their business. This study represents a projected universe of 28.5 million "business influencers." The Home Influencer Study sampled 4,822 respondents involved in purchase decisions for computer products for their home. This study represents a projected universe of 49.7 million "home influencers."

* Effective with the January 2000 issue

The winner of the 1999 Grand Neal Award for editorial excellence, PC World is the world's largest computer publication with a circulation rate base of 1.25 million (effective with the January 2000 issue). PC World and PC World Online ( are published by PC World Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of IDG, the world's leading IT media, research and exposition company. IDG publishes more than 290 computer magazines and newspapers and 500 book titles and offers online users the largest network of technology-specific sites around the world through (, which comprises more than 250 targeted Web sites in 55 countries. IDG is also a leading producer of 168 computer-related expositions worldwide, and provides IT market analysis through 49 offices in 41 countries worldwide. Company information is available at

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