IDG’S PC World Wins Grand Neal Award

(San Francisco, CA; March 5, 1999) – At a ceremony held last night in New York, the American Business Press honored PC World’s editorial and design team with the Grand Neal Award, its most coveted prize. Established in 1996, the Grand Neal is awarded to the entry that best exemplifies editorial excellence in the business press. The winning entry, PC World’s September 1998 special issue on "Privacy in the Internet Age," also earned a Jesse H. Neal Award for Best Subject-Related Series. Over the last five years, PC World has earned an unprecedented 10 Neal Awards-and this marks the second year its editors have won in the Series category.

"It is a tribute to be singled out from the 23 winning entries as the ‘best of the best’ of the business press. Editorial excellence is PC World’s hallmark, and we’re proud to lead the industry as the first computer magazine to win the Grand Neal," said Richard J. Marino, President and CEO of PC World Communications, Inc. "My congratulations to the entire staff."

A series of five articles, "Privacy in the Internet Age" explored the hot-button topics of data mining, e-commerce and credit card fraud, identity theft, corporate hacking, and aggressive marketing tactics-and revealed what can be done to combat the loss of privacy in a wired world:

· In "You Are For Sale," privacy expert Jeffrey Rothfeder uncovered how medical histories, bank balances – even unlisted phone numbers-are brokered online every day.

· PC World Consumer Watch columnist Roberta Furger examined the fear of buying online in "Buyer Beware." She also talked with experts, combed the Web, and analyzed 14 e-commerce sites for how well they protect privacy and secure credit card information.

· A look beyond the hype, "Inside Job,"written by Jonathan Littman, an authority on the hacker psyche-uncovered the real threats to individual and corporate privacy: embittered employees and spying competitors.

· Penned by author Carole Lane, the how-to article, "Going Private," included "Five Essential Steps to Privacy," hints for remembering passwords, advice for taking back information-as well as more than 20 tips for keeping personal files safe, getting off mailing lists, and more.

· A review of the best products for staying private in the digital age, "The Defenders" tested the best cookie killers, spam stoppers, e-mail encryptors, as well as the latest in "biometrics."

· Finally, "Privacy in the Internet Age" included a bookmark page, which listed the top security and privacy Web sites-including direct links to watchdog and advocacy groups, privacy defenders, discussion groups, security tools, and government agencies.

The following staff members were specifically cited for their contribution to the winning entry: Barbara Adamson, associate art director; Vince Bielski, senior associate editor; Robert Kanes, art director; Michael Lasky, senior associate editor; Tim J. Luddy, associate art director; Dan Miller, senior editor; Karen Silver, senior associate editor; and Dan Tynan, executive features editor. In addition, all the members of PC World’s editorial, design, copy, and Test Center staff deserve high praise for their work on "Privacy in the Internet Age."

"With every year, the Neal competition becomes even more fierce-which is why we are so proud to earn the Grand Neal, as well as win in the Series category again. It’s a testament to the exceptional efforts of our entire editorial, design, and testing staff," praised Cathryn Baskin, editor-in-chief of PC World. "Months of investigative reporting, product testing, research, and innovative design went into this special report on privacy. And, as journalists who endeavor to create the best publication possible, winning this award is a great honor for all of us."

Celebrating its 45th annual competition, the Jesse H. Neal Editorial Achievement Awards were created by the American Business Press to recognize and reward excellence in independent business publications. The Neal Awards are presented annually to those editors who have submitted entries exhibiting journalistic enterprise, extent of service to the field, and editorial craftsmanship. ABP received a record number of 1,128 Neal entries for this year’s competition. Twenty-three winners were selected by a distinguished panel of judges, chaired by Marshall Loeb, editor of the Columbia Journalism Review

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