IDG’S PC World Wins The 2000 Grand Neal Award

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA; MARCH 10, 2000) – Today, at the 46th Annual Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Awards ceremony held in New York, the American Business Press honored PC World’s editorial team for the second consecutive year with its most coveted prize: the Grand Neal Award. Established in 1996, the Grand Neal is chosen from the 23 Neal Award winners and presented to the entry that "best exemplifies editorial excellence in the business press." In addition, for the third year in a row, PC World editors took home the trophy for "Best Subject-Related Series" — this time, for the March 1999 special issue on bandwidth, "Web@Warp Speed." The editors also earned a Finalist Certificate for "Best How-To Article," for the August 1999 feature, "Troubleshooting Is My Business." Since 1995, the staff has won a record 10 Neal Awards – plus two Grand Neal Awards — more than any other computer publication.

"PC World’s editors deserve the highest praise for their craftsmanship, innovation, and vision," commended Jeff Edman, president and CEO of PC World Communications, Inc. "The investment in editorial, focus on the target audience, and commitment to quality continue to drive the publication and staff to reach even greater levels of journalistic excellence. No other publication has earned the Grand Neal twice — my congratulations to the editorial and design teams for their unparalleled achievement."

PC World’s award-winning March 1999 series "Web@Warp Speed" includes four articles that cover the full spectrum of bandwidth and Web access, including:

— "Bandwidth on Demand": This story analyzes the trend toward, and difficulties finding, faster Internet access via cable modems and Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL).

— Good Providers: The Best National and Regional ISPs(TM): For the third year in a row, PC World rates the top national Internet service providers — and adds 10 regional providers.

— "Do Web Accelerators Work?" For those who don’t have access to — or can’t afford — cable, DSL, or satellites, PC World examines two alternatives: browser accelerators and modem bonders.

— Fast Forward: Future Internet(TM): By 2002, the Net could face a critical shortage of bandwidth. Internet players at every level are scrambling to alleviate bottlenecks, shore up the backbone, and make the network faster. In this article, PC World looks ahead to the future of the Web.

In the August 1999 how-to feature, "Troubleshooting Is My Business," PC World "Hardware Tips" contributing editor and PC specialist Kirk Steers answers 30 reader questions about hardware problems, including: system basics, storage, graphics, and peripherals. Offering fast relief — and a dash of humor — for the most vexing hardware headaches, Steers solves the mysteries of overheated systems, leaking memory, missing hard drives, flickering monitors, modem installation glitches, printer meltdowns, and more.

"It’s a privilege to be singled out as the ‘Best of the Best’ two years running," said Brad Grimes, PC World executive editor, features. "As business journalists, we strive to publish the most compelling magazine possible — and are proud of our special issue and how-to features coverage. These honors are a testament to the accomplishments of the entire editorial team."

The following PC World staff members are specifically congratulated for their work on the entries: Brad Grimes, Kirk Steers, Carolyn Perot, and Carol Pragides for "Troubleshooting Is My Business"; Michelle Campanale-Surkan, Kate Godfrey, Tim J Luddy, Harry McCracken, Aoife McEvoy, Dan Miller, Carolyn Perot, and Karen Silver for "Web@Warp Speed."

The articles can be found online at PC "Web@Warp Speed" special report,; and the "Troubleshooting Is My Business" how-to feature,

Hailed as the Pulitzer Prize of the business press, the Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Awards were created by the American Business Press to recognize and reward excellence in independent business publications. The Neal Awards are presented annually to those editors who have submitted entries exhibiting journalistic enterprise, extent of service to the field, and editorial craftsmanship. ABP received 1,116 Neal entries for this year’s competition. Twenty-three winners were selected from 69 finalists by a distinguished panel of judges, chaired by Marshall Loeb, columnist for "CBS MarketWatch," and former editor of the Columbia Journalism Review.

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