Independent Study Shows Macworld Subscribers Embrace OS X

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – APRIL 26, 2001 – Macworld, the leading Macintosh publication and Web site, announced today that an independent research study found that more than two-thirds of Macworld subscribers surveyed are already using or plan to adopt Apple Computer's new operating system, OS X, by mid-year.


According to the results of the survey, 20% of these subscribers are already using OS X, another 8% plan to purchase the current release and an additional 40% intend to convert to the system when the next release is available this summer. In addition, the survey indicated that over the next six months, OS X would dramatically drive purchasing in all categories of Macintosh hardware and software.

The survey also found that of the "early adopters" who have already installed/ordered or plan to buy OS X (28%), 35% use it daily as their sole operating system. A large majority of the early adopters (82%) also plan to upgrade all or some of the applications they are currently using as soon as they become available. Furthermore, most of these would be willing to switch to another program if it works in OS X before one they currently use.

The OS X survey was conducted among a panel of Macworld subscribers by Karlin Associates, an independent market research company. The methodology used followed established market research standards.

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* SOURCE: Intelliquest CIMS v 7.0