InfoWorld Identifies Risks, Rewards Concerning New Technologies and New Companies; April 2 Issue Examines the Ups and Downs of the Bleeding Edge

SAN MATEO, CA – MARCH 30, 2001 — InfoWorld, the weekly magazine that delivers in-depth analysis of enterprise technology and strategies combined to deliver insight into vital business solutions, will launch a quarterly series highlighting the newest, hottest technologies about to hit the enterprise scene in its April 2 issue. The first installment features a comprehensive report on implementing new technologies and partnering with startup companies. According to InfoWorld, while these can be excellent ways for the enterprise to make innovations, the potential for disaster is high.


InfoWorld reports that new technologies such as biometrics, peer-to-peer networking and storage management are leading businesses to chart a new course with IS staff, leading to significant impact on the enterprise and users. Adding new technologies to the enterprise is no small matter, and bleeding-edge technologies should be chosen carefully. InfoWorld has learned that the reputation of the company behind a product often makes a larger impression on a manager's decision to make major IT investments than the specific features of the product or solution in question.

InfoWorld cautions that researching both the companies in the space and the actual technology is crucial to long-term success and concludes that more established companies don't necessarily have the best or most groundbreaking products. Companies both old and new will make a push into what seem to be the hot new technologies, and sorting out who will be around for the long haul is the more difficult task compared to picking an established product or technology.

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