InfoWorld Reports Growth In Wireless Internet Access Poses Threat To Traditional E-Commerce Web Sites

SAN MATEO, Calif.–IDG 's InfoWorld, the IT newsweekly that defines technology for business, reports that growth in wireless access to data using handhelds and pagers is poised to change the nature of transacting business over the Web. The story will appear Jan. 24 on the front page of InfoWorld, and be posted on

InfoWorld editors Dan Briody and Mike Lattig report that the trend toward sending personalized data directly to wireless devices, enabling users to conduct transactions, will impact traditional Web site — specifically challenging the fate of Web advertisers dependent on page views and click throughs on Web sites. Also in flux are Web content providers that rely on ad revenues.

InfoWorld quotes e-commerce vendors who report that lost ad revenues may force content providers to go to a subscription model, charging customers for suites of services that formerly were free. In addition, advertisements may start inserting themselves into smaller and smaller spaces.

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