InfoWorld Test Center Analysis: Supply Chain Success

SAN MATEO, CA – APRIL 20, 2001 – In order to maintain a strategic position in today's marketplace, companies must demand a greater level of enterprise efficiency. That is why, according to the editors of InfoWorld, automating the supply chain via the Internet has become so popular in spite of the shortcomings of many supply chain management (SCM) solutions. This topic and other developments in the information technology industry are reported on extensively in the April 23 issue of InfoWorld — the weekly magazine delivering in-depth analysis of enterprise technology and strategies combined to deliver insight into vital business solutions.


According to InfoWorld, in a period of tightened budgets, easy integration of a SCM solution is essential to the success of an enterprise and can lead to the reduction of expenditures, improved operational efficiency and faster response to customer demands. InfoWorld examines the planning of SCM implementation, the role of collaborative commerce, the culture shock of SCM implementation, dealing with the weakest link of the supply chain, private vs. public exchanges, and the current and future state of SCM. Specifically, the magazine highlights the solutions provided by a number of companies, including Agile Software, Ariba, Aspen Technologies, CrossWorlds Software, i2, Manugistics, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP and WebPlan.

"The difficult task of SCM integration takes place not only within your own enterprise but within those of customers and suppliers, and often the systems of their customers and suppliers as well," said Michael Vizard, editor in chief, InfoWorld. "In order to succeed, processes within all of these organizations must be evaluated and updated, or even overhauled, to meet efficiency and logistical expectations. Because SCM demands an understanding of the business processes that must work together more than an understanding of one specific technology or solution, enterprises should closely evaluate how the links in the supply chain will fit together when considering a SCM strategy."

InfoWorld forecasts that developing best practice collaborative standards will help bridge the information divide and enable SCM to reduce capacity forecasting errors, take the guesswork out of addressing customer expectations, and ultimately increase profitability. By embracing open standards and maintaining flexibility, an enterprise stands the greatest chance of evolving to meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace.

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NOTE TO PRODUCERS AND EDITORS: Michael Vizard, editor in chief of InfoWorld, is available to discuss SCM and to serve as an expert source for your programs. Please contact Jenny Hunter at 510-428-4100 x 207 for more information.