InfoWorld Test Center Analysis: The Anatomy of Security

SAN MATEO, CA — APRIL 6, 2001 — InfoWorld, the weekly magazine that delivers in-depth analysis of enterprise technology and strategies combined to deliver insight into vital business solutions, takes a comprehensive look at enterprise security in its April 9 issue. According to InfoWorld, customers are more likely to do business with vendors for whom tight security is a priority. With many enterprises facing budget restrictions, it's not uncommon for network security to fall off the list of IT priorities, InfoWorld reports, but the cost of an unauthorized breach can quickly outstrip the expense of upgrading existing security.


InfoWorld recommends implementing a system protection plan that befits the level of data being stored. Companies should limit and monitor access to the server room, and ensure that remote workers pay close attention to security basics, understanding that they can offer weak spots to hackers. Regular rehearsals of disaster recovery and incident management plans are also included in InfoWorld's overall security strategy. A business stands a much better chance of recovering from any disaster — natural or otherwise — if the staff is practiced in the art of exercising emergency responsibilities.

While InfoWorld contends that a secure network is essential to the long-term success of an enterprise, there are certain limiting factors associated with current security precautions that should be considered. For example, the virtual private network (VPN), while enabling a secure network of encrypted traffic between two hosts, also slows data transmission rates due to the encrypting and decrypting operations that must be performed. This latency can wreak havoc on applications, especially those at the mainframe level, which assume that connections have instant access to the server. InfoWorld reports that new developments in biometric authentication, encryption technology and intrusion detection will drive innovative security implementations that enable fast and secure networks.

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