Innovation and Enthusiasm for Mac Platform Showcased at MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco’99

SAN FRANCISCO–Jan. 13, 1999– Nearly 70,000 people flooded MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco last week at the Moscone Convention Center to see new products from more than 460 exhibitors, participate in leading conference programs, hear Apple Computer Inc.'s interim CEO Steve Jobs' keynote and attend a first-ever Town Meeting, among other activities.

The Town Meeting, held Jan. 4, kicked off MACWORLD Expo with nearly a dozen industry-related experts-including key analysts and Apple Computer executives addressing the state of the platform and new emerging technologies. Speakers included; Paul Kent, MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco conference chairperson, Bob "Dr. Mac" Levitus, best-selling author, Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, and Keith Geck, Apple Computer's vice president of sales.

The Town Meeting filled seats quickly with creative professionals, business professionals, and consumers, leaving standing room only.

On Tuesday, Jan. 5, Apple Computer Inc.'s interim CEO Steve Jobs delivered the keynote address to nearly 5,000 attendees cheering and applauding the new Power Mac G3, Mac OS X Server, a formidable array of hot new titles confirming the Mac's rebirth as a leading-edge platform, and the five new colors of the iMac.

"We are very excited about the success of MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco," said Rob Scheschareg, MACWORLD Expo show director for IDG Expo Management Co., producers of the show. "From the very start, professionals and consumers alike crowded MACWORLD Expo to buy product on the expo floor as well as to learn new techniques and technologies. If the show floor and filled conference programs were any indication, MACWORLD Expo attendees had their hands full sampling new products unveiled by exhibitors at the show, and listening and learning to Mac experts and industry analysts."

The MACWORLD Expo Conference Program – featuring Macworld/Pro and MACWORLD Expo Users conference seminars reinforced its reputation as one of the year's top IT conference programs attracting Mac users, digital content creative professionals, and first-time computer users.

Some of the most popular conference sessions, dealing with the iMac, QuickTime(tm), USB, content asset management, digital video and FireWire(tm), filled seats quickly, leaving standing room only and over flow rooms for late arrivals.

"The Macworld Expo Conference program offers sessions that are timely, topical, and packed with information. We worked closely with Apple Computer and other Mac industry leaders to ensure MACWORLD Expo conference sessions mirror what Apple is unveiling, along with other leaders in the Mac community," said Paul Kent, MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco conference chairperson. "This was MACWORLD Expo's most colorful year from the Town Meeting to the Conference Program by offering expert advice on newly unveiled products and targeted every kind of Mac user, whether it be the creative professional, business professional or consumer."

MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco premiered two new Special Interest Environments. The "Consumer Showcase," including the Macintosh Gaming Championship and Exhibits, and "Net Innovators" appeared on the show floor alongside other successful and long-running MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco special interest areas, such as: "Developer Central," the "Education District," "Business Solutions," "Extensions Workshop for Creative Content," "Digital Media Studio Featuring QuickTime(tm)," and "Digital Art Gallery."

"By far, this was one of the best MACWORLD Expos for developers of all kinds. The debut of the `Net Innovators' environment was wonderful — and `Developer Central' continued it's long running success. Almost one-third of all MACWORLD Expo attendees came through the two environments, and the vast majority of those attendees were experienced in web, content, and application development" said Neil Ticktin, publisher of MacTech and NetProfessional magazines, which co-sponsored `Developer Central' and `Net Innovators' with Apple. "The nearly sixty companies participating in these two environment were thrilled with the discussions they held with show attendees. Also, Developer Depot sales were increased substantially from past years. All in all, we can not be happier with the success of `Net Innovators' and `Developer Central' at MACWORLD Expo."

The Corporate Buyers Alliance, a new program, exceeded exhibitor and attendee expectations. Qualified exhibitors participated in this first-time program, which matched corporate buyers walking the show floor with participating exhibitors offering volume sales incentives.

Retailers and exhibitors alike were besieged by customers looking to purchase new hardware, Internet, multimedia, peripheral and software products unveiled at the show. "Our booth was packed with customers lining up to buy our products and see our demos," said Nicole Rowland, spokesperson for Aladdin Systems. "The excitement throughout the expo could be felt all week and our sales were so great that we are already looking forward to the next MACWORLD Expo."

An on-site survey of attendees revealed nearly one third were representing companies which employ 1,000 or more people. Of the people attending MACWORLD Expo on behalf of their company, nearly all – or 95 percent – are involved in purchasing hardware, software or peripherals for their organization. The survey also revealed that 95 percent of all attendees said they came to MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco to see new products, while 88 percent said they came to learn about new technologies.

The number of attendees at this year's MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco was 69,800–slightly up from last year's attendance of 68,000. The number of exhibiting companies was also up from last year-464 from 450 last year.

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