Innovative Crop of Companies Plus Several New Programs and Awards Round Out DEMOfall 09; New products ranging across consumer and enterprise fronts take the stage; DEMOgod, People’s Choice Award winners announced

SAN DIEGO – September 23, 2009 – DEMOfall 09 concluded today with 24 companies giving 6-minute live presentations; six AlphaPitch companies giving 90-second product previews; DEMO's long-standing Executive Producer, Chris Shipley, closing what will be her final conference by honoring 16 legendary alumni with Lifetime Achievement Awards; and Co-Executive Producer, Matt Marshall, presenting alongside Chris Shipley this year's DEMOgod awards and the special IDG Million Dollar Media Prize to the two selected demonstrator recipients of the People's Choice Award. The conference was also exclusively broadcast live on the Web through BitGravity's BG Live(TM) video stream in 85 countries worldwide.


"DEMO continues to be an amazing showcase of innovation. It is an honor to recognize 16 entrepreneurs for their past achievements and a privilege to have played a part in the launch of 56 great products this week," said Chris Shipley, Executive Producer of the DEMO Conferences. "DEMO is a very special platform and community and it's been my great pleasure and privilege to lead DEMO for the last 13 years. I look forward to watching Matt build on this platform and take it to new heights."

Highlights from today's technology introductions include:

Technologies for Working Smarter:

— – a one-stop shop that harnesses over 250 reference sources

and a wiki database to provide users with the world's best licensed

and user-generated content for fast-fact lookup as well as deep


— Weels Corp.'s Web on Weels – a tool that enhances the browsing

experience using hosted software that features a seamless drag-and-drop

interface, allowing users to share any aspect of a page — images,

videos, navigation bars — with friends and colleagues.

— Article One Partners, LLC's AOP Patent Studies – a technology that

uses open innovation to research patent validity, adding a crucial level

of review to the U.S. patent system that can strengthen legitimate

patents and reduce unjust patent monopolies.

— Kryon Systems, Ltd.'s Leo – the next generation of help tools for

Windows, with the ability to perform the needed action for the user in a

step-by-step, interactive manner in real time.

— LeapFILE, Inc.'s LeapFILE Folder – a provider of on demand managed

file transfer that eliminates the cumbersome steps of uploading and

downloading files from Web portals and enables instantaneous and

unfettered collaboration between people.

— Symform, Inc.'s Symform Cooperative Storage Cloud -a solution that

effectively redistributes the cloud to enable managed service providers

to offer virtual cloud services to their small enterprise customers with

the same security, reliability, and cost-benefits of large data storage


— Anaplan, Inc. – an on-demand business suite and revolutionary

"snap-plug-and-play" architecture that automatically connects

applications and transforms the way companies large and small plan and

manage their everyday business activities.

— Liaise, Inc. – a business interaction management solution that provides

revolutionary email organization capabilities by intelligently and

automatically capturing KeyPoints in your messages, and providing

summaries, calendar integration and reports.

— I.ndigo, LLC's Dekks – a solution that seamlessly and easily

captures the informal knowledge inherent to a smarter business to help

employees properly route their issues and give management insight into

the pulse of the enterprise.

— Hashwork – a social business tool with the ability to integrate Google

Calendar and Twitter, as well as file editing and management, to equip

everyone in your company to "work socially" by connecting and

sharing Twitter-style with customers, partners and others.