InterAct Broadens Reach and Targets Alternate Retail Channels

HUNT VALLEY, MD – AUGUST 1, 2000 – InterAct Accessories, Inc., a Recoton company (Nasdaq: RCOT), and the leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of video and PC gaming peripherals has joined forces with the industry's leading gaming publication, GamePro, to distribute GamePro Gear branded peripherals into national supermarket and drug store chains



With an 11-year history as the leading industry magazine, GamePro's readers look for the latest information on the best software and hardware to purchase. InterAct, as the leading video game accessory company in the industry, strives to produce peripherals that meet the needs of all game players, from hardcore to casual. Both companies have been successful in their effort to

become industry leaders, and with the video game business growing at a tremendous rate, the decision to produce GamePro-branded accessories was an easy one.

"Video game accessories is the fastest growing category of the video game industry with a 14% growth in 1999 alone," said Todd Hays, President of InterAct Accessories. "GamePro saw the trend developing and knew that partnering with the right peripheral company would be the key for success when entering a new category of retailers."

"We are excited to work with InterAct, the leading video game accessory company, on our co-branded product which reaches into the heart of the mass market," said John F. Rousseau, president and CEO of IDG Games Media Group and publisher of GamePro magazine. "The power of the GamePro brand ensures a widespread product recognition with consumers across all demographic segments. This is the first of many co-branding opportunities that will grow GamePro's circulation to its highest level in its 11-year history!"

InterAct is targeting alternate retail channels for the launch of the GamePro Gear line of peripherals. These alternative channels include food, drug and convenience stores, in addition to, national bookstore and college campus retailers. Almost all of these channels already carry GamePro Magazine and are eager to enter into the world of gaming. Gaming accessories are a

perfect complement for these retailers as over 50% of U.S. households have a console system. Branded with the GamePro logo will be a variety of Dreamcast, PlayStation, N64, Game Boy and PC peripherals. The line-up of products will include GamePads, Memory Cards, RumblePaks, adapters, cables and cleaning kits. In addition, when a consumer purchases just one GamePro Gear accessory they will receive a special promotional offer for GamePro Magazine.

InterAct Accessories, Inc. is a subsidiary of Recoton Corporation, a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of consumer electronic accessories, loudspeakers and car audio products. Recoton's more than 4,000 products feature highly functional accessories for audio, video, car audio, camcorder, multi-media/computer, home office, cellular and standard telephone, music and video game products and 900MHz wireless technology headphones and speakers. They are sold under the AAMP(R), Ambico(R), Ampersand(R),

AR(R)/Acoustic Research(R), Discwasher(R), GameShark(R), InterAct(R), Parsec(R), Peripheral(R), Performance(TM), Recoton(R), Rembrandt(R), Ross(TM), SoleControl(R), SoundQuest(R) and Stinger(R) brand names. The Company also produces and markets audio components, high fidelity loudspeakers, home theater speakers, and car audio speakers and components which are sold under the Advent(R), AR(R)/Acoustic Research(R), HECO(TM), Jensen(R), MacAudio(R), Magnat(R), NHT(R) (Now Hear This), Phase Linear(R) and Recoton(R) brand names.

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About IDG Games Media Group:

IDG Games Media Group, located in San Francisco, CA, is the world's largest interactive entertainment provider for multiplatform gaming enthusiasts and produces GamePro magazine,, and the IDG Games Media Group Industry White Paper.

GamePro's audience of over 3 million opinion-leading readers make GamePro the 4th largest male teen magazine in the country (Teenage Research Unlimited 2000). The magazine is the market leader in circulation with an average circulation of over 500,000 according to BPA. GamePro delivers cutting edge multiplatform gaming previews, reviews, strategies, cheats, and codes. The magazine's seasoned editorial staff provides its male teen audience with an authoritative source for video and personal computer gaming information.