Internet Futures Tour With Dr. Metcalfe Visits Dallas

WHAT: Dr. Metcalfe will unveil the destiny of the Internet and World Wide Web, the next Internet Killer App, the future of networking, and more on his worldwide Internet Futures Tour, sponsored by IDG and MIT. The tour will visit Dallas on March 30.

WHO: Dr. Robert Metcalfe, vice president technology for International Data Group (, technology pundit, is known around the world as inventor of Ethernet, founder of 3Com Corporation, and president of the MIT Alumni/ae Association. His column, "From the Ether," is read by technology professionals worldwide in IDG’s InfoWorld newsweekly.

WHEN: Dr. Metcalfe will unveil the future of the Internet on Monday, March 30, 1998 at INFOMART, 1250 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas. A reception will be held at 6:00 p.m. directly followed by the "Internet Futures" presentation at 7:00 p.m.

HOW: For a free press pass and to pre-schedule a live or taped interview with Dr. Metcalfe, contact Heidi Hynes at 617-534-1237 or email

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