Investment in Security Solutions to Grow Exponentially in Australia and New Zealand, Says IDC

NORTH SYDNEY – SEPTEMBER 4, 2002 – In its latest research document, IDC highlights the growing investment in security solutions by Australian and New Zealand organisations.


With security now an issue at board level within today?s business enterprises, it is no longer the sole concern of IT management. Corporate executives perceive security in a more comprehensive light than ever before. This awareness and need recognition by IT and business executives to protect corporate assets has prompted investment in security solutions in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).

IDC valued the ANZ security solutions market in 2001 at A$621 million, and forecasts this market to reach A$1,912 million by 2006. IDC defines security solutions as the hardware, software and services elements that provide management and applications of IT security requirements, including user registration, access control, and virus detection and correction. Within the ANZ security solutions market in 2001, security software contributed A$205 million, security services contributed A$323 million and security hardware contributed A$93 million.

In too many situations, the existing security solutions environment has been exposed for its limitations and processes and policies has been found lacking in comprehensiveness,said Natasha David, IDC Senior Analyst, Asia/Pacific Software. This has set the scene for technology, software and service providers to come forward to design, build and manage security solutions that measure up to the demands of modern business, she added.

As corporations continue to transform themselves into ebusiness entities, they are re-engineering processes to fit the connected always-on marketplace. The networked infrastructure environment is a critical enabler of this transformation, connecting customers and partners in an increasingly open and dynamic manner. However, with ever increasing Internet usage across all enterprises, exposure to viruses and unauthorised intrusion is driving strong interest in security software, services and infrastructure.

IDCs Australia and New Zealand Security Solutions Market Size and Forecast report presents the findings of a comprehensive study of IT spending on security solutions by Australian and New Zealand organisations. The document highlights the market dynamics that are shaping demand for security solutions, segmenting total security solutions spending by software, hardware and services.

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