IT Security Investment is Being Driven by Strategic Initiatives, Finds IDC

NORTH SYDNEY, NOVEMBER 5, 2002 – Findings from IDC's Market Sentiment Monitor show a major shift in the factors driving investment in IT security solutions. IDC has found that security is being perceived as strategic to the enterprise and investment is being proactively managed.


In a recent IDC survey, Australian business and IT leaders representing medium and large organisations were asked to rank the importance of IT security to their organisation. Ninety per cent of respondents surveyed rated security as either, very important or important. Governments, business and individuals are moving forward with a heightened sense of security and the inherent interdependent responsibilities. These results show an increase in corporate awareness surrounding security threats plus a more mature understanding of the role technology can play in combating threats.

The study also revealed that investment in IT security is increasingly being driven by strategic initiatives and less in response to security breaches to the organisation. Key drivers behind IT security investment were:

Increased Internet and Intranet usage-The number one factor driving increased activity in security is a growth in Internet and Intranet usage, with 66% of organisations ranking upward Internet usage as a dominant influencer of security. The evolution of network usage has expanded security requirements exponentially, making it a key driver in the growth of the security market in Australia.

Mobile computing- As consumers and companies look for better ways to transfer data and conduct transactions, the mobile environment will become increasingly attractive. 31% of organisations reported mobile computing as a driving force behind their security investments, indicating security will be paramount in this area. As mobile Internet expands beyond early adopters and rolls into the enterprise and general-consumer markets, mobile security will become an increasingly hot issue.

The prominence of these trends in driving security investments points to a major change in the dynamics influencing or driving investment in IT security solutions commented Brooke Galloway, Research Director.

Historically, investment in security has been very reactive. Just two years ago, IDC research showed major security breaches were the primary driving force behind investment in IT security. This can be attributed to a lack of awareness and maturity among organisations at the time.

Today there is a very different landscape emerging. While major security breaches and the threat of malicious damage still rank as a driver for IT security investments, their importance is declining, with just 24% of organisations indicating this was the key driver behind security activity. Instead, organisations are adopting a more proactive mindset by designing a security architecture that address longer-term business objectives.

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