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What: "Managing the Complexities of eBusiness Computing," -a live webcast produced by and sponsored by Intel, addresses the need for companies to evaluate fully managed application hosting services to handle the complexities of their eBusiness initiatives.

Companies are discovering that it takes much more to build an effective eBusiness site than simply making sure a site has flashy graphics, dynamic content and search functions. Effective Web sites also include online-ordering capabilities such as managing content, processing credit-card transactions, interfacing with a shipping company, etc. With these critical factors in mind, companies must determine whether their existing infrastructure can process the sheer volume of predicted traffic.

Who: "Managing the Complexities of eBusiness Computing" -features Mike Aymar, president of Intel® Online Services, and Jeanne Schaaf, senior analyst at Forrester Research, who host an in-depth, interactive discussion on the merits of managed hosting. Get insight into the evolving hosting industry and learn how Intel Online Services’ end-to-end solution is helping companies run better e-Commerce operations.

When: 1 p.m. EST, Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Available on demand beginning Wednesday, March 21, 2001