Javaworld Announces Categories for this Year’s Javaworld Editors’ Choice Awards

SAN FRANCISCO, CA August 25, 1998 JavaWorld magazine ( will conduct its second annual JavaWorld Editors' Choice Awards in New York City during the Java Business Expo (December 7-10). The award-winning Web-only magazine created the Awards to recognize the exceptional individuals, companies and products using Java to develop, plan and deploy mission-critical applications.

Since last year's Awards, the number and range of Java tools has increased dramatically, and new applications for the technology are burgeoning. Responding to this significant growth, JavaWorld has modified and expanded the categories for the JavaWorld Editors' Choice Awards.


The first JavaWorld Editors' Choice Awards ceremony was held in August 1997. Since that time, new implementations of Java technology have emerged and, over the past year, have gained great momentum. Companies continue to demonstrate creativity and initiative with their own Java virtual machines, and there has been impressive growth on the server-side and in the availability of JavaBeans components.

To reflect the recent developments on the Java front, JavaWorld has added the categories "Virtual Machine", "Component", "Servlet" and "Web Application Server". Of course, in its Awards, JavaWorld will recognize many of the important areas represented last year, honoring innovators in categories such as Testing Tools, GUI Class Libraries, Database Middleware, Web Authoring Tools and IDEs.

The following is a complete list of this year's Awards categories:

Hall of Fame Inductee

Most Innovative Company

Commercial Application

Virtual Machine



Testing Tool

GUI Class Library

System-Level Class Library

Class Library General

Database Middleware

Database Tool

Web Authoring Tool


Compiler/Code Management Tool


Web Application Server


As with last year's process, candidates in each Awards category will be evaluated by a distinguished panel of judges drawn from JavaWorld's rich resource of editors and contributors to the magazine. Many are expert Java developers who have been working with the language since its inception. The judges will consider a wide range of products, including the nearly 500 products featured in the JavaWorld Developer Tools Guide They will begin by nominating their best-product choices based on their personal knowledge of and experience with various products and companies. Judges will participate in several rounds of votes and runoffs to determine which of the products and companies most deserve finalist status, and ultimately, which deserve to be deemed winner in each category.


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