JavaWorld Reader Services Grow into Online Store

SAN FRANCISCO — April 26, 1999–JavaWorld magazine today announced the opening of the JavaWorld Store (, an online venture with Programmer's Paradise, Inc.

Geared toward Java technology developers, managers, and enthusiasts, the store provides an easy-to-use interface for locating and purchasing the latest Java-specific applications, components, utilities, and training and reference tools, to name just a few of the many offerings.

Given the revolutionary impact Java has had on cross-platform computing and the World Wide Web, along with the ever-increasing demand from the Java community for timely information and products that help deliver real-world applications, the JavaWorld Store stocks products from the most respected industry leaders, including Sun, IBM, and Microsoft. Backed by the e-commerce know-how of Programmer's Paradise, the site addresses the at-hand needs of JavaWorld readers.

"Because our magazine is by Java experts for Java experts, we understand not only what information our readers are looking for in their day-to-day undertakings with the technology, but also what software tools and resources they're looking for to help them in their undertakings. The items in the JavaWorld Store are the direct reflection of these needs," said Michael O'Connell, Editor in Chief of JavaWorld.

The store's opening enhances JavaWorld's core mission of providing the most up-to-date Java-related news, product reviews, and more to its nearly 200,000 readers, Java developers and enterprise managers alike. Reinforcing this commitment is Programmer's Paradise, a leader in the international distribution of PC-based technical software.

"It's no accident that we formed a partnership with a company that caters to the people who design and support software. This relationship truly underscores our goal with the JavaWorld Store: to provide our readers with the best possible service on the software and sales sides," said Barbara McDonald, Director of Strategic Marketing for JavaWorld.

"Programmer's Paradise has built an excellent reputation within the software development community by carefully choosing and cultivating partnerships with top quality product publishers and information providers," said Jeff Largiader, VP of Marketing at Programmer's Paradise. "We're therefore very excited to be teaming with this highly esteemed publication for Java Professionals, in offering the best in content and products at one convenient location."

About JavaWorld

JavaWorld's effective use of the online medium allows it to deliver top-quality editorial, industry analysis, and hands-on tutorials to 200,000 dedicated Java technology developers and enterprise managers each month, fueling the innovation of its readership and their companies. These powerful Java technology developers are creating real-world applications and changing the way their companies perform business operations daily. JavaWorld debuted on February 15, 1996, as the first industry magazine dedicated to Java and now delivers more than four times the number of subscribers than any other Java-specific publication to Java-related advertisers. Along with sister publication SunWorld, it is published exclusively on the Internet ( by Web Publishing, Inc., a division of IDG Communications.

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