LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Announces Advisory Board For UK Launch Event

BIRMINGHAM – APRIL 8, 2003 – IDG World Expo has today announced the support of several Linux 'gurus' who are helping to shape the inaugural LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in the UK as the event's advisory board. This leading confex takes place from 3-4 September 2003 at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham. Joining the Advisory Board are: Jon 'maddog' Hall, Linux International; Scott McNeil, Free Standards Group; Martin Hingley, IDC; Malcolm Herbert, Red Hat; Richard Moore, IBM; Arthur F. Tyde III, TYDE.NET; and Jasmin Ul-Haque, SuSE.


Brian Reffell, Event Director, LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, comments, "Naturally we are thrilled to have the support, advice and encouragement of some of the best known names in the Linux community. As well as speaking at the LinuxWorld conference, our advisory board is helping to ensure that LinuxWorld delivers a programme that will be of direct relevance and inspiration to the UK business and Linux communities."

The LinuxWorld conference is split into strategic streams inclusive:

Linux in Business: Management and Deployment for CEOs and CFOs

Integration, Co-Existence and Migration Issues and Strategies: Users, Programs and Data for CTOs, database managers, and senior network architects and systems administrators

The Open Software Development Environment: Tools, Practical Experience, Portals and Licenses for developers

Linux Financial Summit for finance and business directors

LinuxWorld will also feature The Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) Experience, an executive program created to address the growing demand for quality information and insight on Linux and open source solutions for the UK & Europe's largest group of decision makers – the Small-to-Medium Enterprise sector, with a particular focus on business solutions.

Scott McNeil, Free Standards Group Executive Director, comments, "Linux's rapid advancement into a business solutions platform is mirrored by the growth and success of the international LinuxWorld conferences. The UK event should continue this advancement as it brings together open source developers, IT vendors and IT customers."

IDC's Martin Hingley comments, "In a very difficult market in EMEA in 2002, Linux was the only server operating system to show growth over 2001. In 2003 we're seeing lots of movements to make a better value proposition for businesses. We're still at a relatively early stage; however, the software stack is maturing; major and specialist software and hardware vendors are positioning themselves to build Linux businesses and users are ready to adopt Linux in more areas as long as it can be proved to be reliable."

Jasmin Ul-Haque, Director at SuSE Linux Ltd says, "I am looking forward to LinuxWorld. It will be an excellent time to look at a broad cross-section of development and usage from specialist to general. The event itself will certainly help to promote Linux as an alternative operating system for users in 2003 and demystify it as a subject."

Jasmin says, "I have worked in the IT sector for more than ten years and was brought in by SuSE Linux AG to start the UK operation back in October 1999. I am pleased to lend my support, as one of the advisory board members, to the LinuxWorld conference as I believe this will be the de facto business Linux event in the UK this year. At SuSE, we believe that Linux is crossing the chasm into more widespread adoption and expect to see a quantum leap in terms of the commercial maturity of Linux and the business potential for our customers, our partners and SuSE."

Jon 'maddog' Hall, Executive Director, Linux International, is one of the many Linux experts who will be speaking at this year's LinuxWorld Conference in the UK. He comments, "IDG's LinuxWorld was one of the first events which brought together the Linux community with the commercial community. Bringing this event to the area of Britain where so much computing research was done is very exciting."

Jon 'maddog' Hall continues, "As a former educator and researcher I look forward to discussing open source development and open source projects with people who have traditionally been seen to have open minds."

LinuxWorld is now the only Linux and open source event in the UK to offer a both a strategic conference and combined exhibition. For early booking discounts and further information, please see or contact Ben Drew on Tel: +44 (0) 121 767 2352.

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