LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Gaining Strongly in Significance

MUNICH – OCTOBER 31, 2002 – The third LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, held from October 29 to 31, ended with a substantial increase in the number of visitors. More than 14,000 visitors made their way to Hall 6.1 of Frankfurt’s Trade Fair Center. The European Banking Technology Fair (EBTF), which was held at the same time, also notched up an increase, with just on 9,000 visitors.


The LinuxWorld conference was attended by around 360 participants (previous year 280). Over 2,000 visitors came to the Keynote-Sessions held by John Pincomb, Martin Schallbruch, John "Maddog" Hall and further prominent speakers from business and industry. The second forum ‘Linux in Administration and Government Agencies’ also exceeded expectations, with around 182 participants.

The proportion of trade visitors, which came to more than 92 percent (tradevisitor proportion of first-time visitors 100 percent), highlights the growing importance of this alternative operating system in companies. Just on 50 percent of the visitors attend no other Open Source event. 64 percent of the visitors are planning to make new acquisitions in the Linux domain. The proportion of visitors from abroad climbed to almost 8 percent (previous year 3.7 percent). These international visitors came from 17 different countries. This means that the Linux World Conference & Expo in Frankfurt is becoming even more firmly established as a European platform.

The main theme of the event was the use of Linux in companies. Along with the traditional server and Internet applications the themes of Desktop Linux and corporate applications are becoming increasingly important. More and more companies are deciding in favor of a migration to Open Source products, not least for reasons of costs.

Visitors to the EBTF, which was being held at the same time, used the fair’s proximity to pay a visit to the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo as well. Visitors thought the two events complemented one another excellently and welcomed the fact that the entrance tickets were valid for both trade fairs.

With around 80 companies participating, the number of exhibitors at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo has dropped somewhat compared with the previous year (90); on the other hand the actual exhibition space increased by 5 percent. Many exhibitors rate their trade-fair appearance as successful. Particular praise went to the high quality of trade visitors. The very good visitor preparation also received a positive rating.

The next LinuxWorld Conference & Expo will be held from October 27 to October 29, 2003, at Frankfurt’s Trade Fair Center. You can find further information under

Exhibitors’ views on LinuxWorld Conference & Expo

"We regard the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo as a central event in Europe and as a showcase for the theme of Open Source and Linux for our customers. We are very satisfied with the quality of the discussions. We encountered an enormous amount of interest, especially among business customers."

Jörg Ludwig, Director Linux, IBM Deutschland

"At the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo we observed an appreciable increase in demand from companies for complete solutions, especially in the server field. What was also surprising was the strong demand for migration solutions for Desktop Linux. This is where we anticipate the first major projects next year."

Christian Egle, SuSE Linux AG

"At the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo we had a definite feeling that the mood is once again improving. Compared with other events we sense a greater interest among the public, particularly in specific solutions. This is why we are anticipating appreciable growth. This is a very positive surprise."

Daniel Riek, Executive Committee Member of the LIVE Linux Association

"Thanks especially to its infrastructure and organization the fair exceeded all our expectations. The visiting public was well qualified, not least because of the immediate proximity of the EBTF. We were able to prepare at least three to four contracts, which means that participating in the event has already been worth our while."

Michael Weintraub, BMC business unit field director

"We from CA think the Linux market will develop very positively in the next few years, and this will result in very many opportunities for establishing business relations, particularly in E-Government and the universities. We also want to show a presence in this environment. At the fair we were able to strengthen our contacts, especially to manufacturers, and prepare the ground for new partnerships."

Evelyn Angel, Manager Public Relations

"We are very satisfied with the course of the event, not only with respect to the number of visitors, but also as regards the structure. More business customers came than expected, and they obtained very detailed information atour stand, especially about Star Office."

Thomas Heinze, Product Marketing Manager Software, Sun Microsystems

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