LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in Frankfurt from October 29 to October 31, 2002

MUNICH – APRIL 2, 2002 – At the Frankfurt Trade Fair and Exhibition Center for the third time, the European LinuxWorld Conference & Expo will be providing IT deciders from every branch of industry with information on the use of open-source software in companies. Participation in the fair is free of charge for anyone interested who registers in advance under by September 29, 2002. Those who want to attend the conference or the LinuxSchool can choose among several packages (prices apply for advance bookings by 29.9.2002): The ‘Conference Super Pass‘ for 310 Euros includes two days at the conference and one day at the LinuxSchool. The one-day conference pass costs 120 Euros and the two-day conference pass 210 Euros. A fee of 180 Euros is charged for participation in the ‘LinuxSchool’ tutorials.


Linux has long established itself across a wide variety of businesses and industries: along with the traditional small and medium-sized businesses, banks, insurance companies, car manufacturers, IT/TC manufacturers and service providers have put their trust in this operating system. Today, IT deciders are well aware that the opensource operating system offers an extremely cost-effective alternative for running applications on a stable platform. With an increasing number of applications being ported to Linux, new possibilities are continuously opening up for saving on the costs of operating-system licenses through the use of this open system and for switching to inexpensive hardware at the same time. The latter possibility is particularly useful if Linux can replace a commercial Unix system.

But open-source operating systems and applications offer industry, trade and government agencies far greater possibilities. These will be show-cased at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in Frankfurt between October 29 and October 31, 2002. Here, IT deciders, budget planners and Linux specialists will find a joint European platform to discuss tried and tested open-source solutions and to obtain insights into the latest technologies.

The last two LinuxWorld Conferences have shown that participants’ prior knowledge and interests vary a great deal. So, this year, target-group-specific ‘Conference Tracks‘ will be offered to meet the different information requirements: ‘Linux for Executives‘ is intended for corporate deciders whose principal objective is to understand why open-source software as a strategic investment will save their companies working time and money. ‘Linux for System Administrators‘ demonstrates the amazing diversity of this Unix-style system and also addresses administrators who so far have only been familiar with Microsoft’s operating systems. The ‘Practical Linux’ track provides case studies of practical solutions. The conference program and the special tutorials cover the entire range of topics on the use of open source in companies:




Embedded Linux

Company applications under Linux

Clustering / High availability

Additionally, the Linux School on October 31 will provide participants with intensive advance training on these topics.

As always, this year’s conference and trade fair will again be held parallel to the European Banking Technology Fair. Last year many visitors and exhibitors at the banking technology fair already made use of the opportunity for an excursion into the world of open-source software.

LinuxWorld will certainly not only be hosting companies dedicated exclusively to Linux and open source. The approximately 110 expected exhibitors also include hard and software manufacturers, as well as system integrators and solution partners who offer both proprietary and open solutions and who are developing their Linux segment into a key business line. A look at the list of exhibitors shows that nearly all the big IT players are represented. But experts and specialists from the open-source developer community and non-commercial groups and projects such as KDE, Gnome, WINE or Samba have also been invited and will find cost-free exhibition space in the ‘.org Pavilion’.

The ‘Embedded Linux Pavilion‘ will be devoted to terminals and special hardware that have the open system installed as a permanently embedded component (PDAs, bank and airport terminals, as well as control stations on assembly lines). Exhibitors will include hardware manufacturers and service providers specialized in adapting the open-source software to the hardware, and suppliers of special tools for Embedded-Linux solutions. In a further special exhibition, the ‘Software Solutions Village‘, software providers and system integrators will present applications and software solutions under Linux ranging from standard software for business administration (ERP, PPS, WWS) through technical programs (CAD, CAE, CAM) to sector solutions for banks, trade, the chemical and automotive industry and the health sector. And finally there is the ‘Greenhouse‘ that serves as a contact forum. Under the LIVE (Linux-Verband e.V.) aegis, young entrepreneurs and start-up companies can address a professional public and establish first business contacts for the future.

® Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in various countries

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