Macworld Announces Best of Show Awards At Seybold San Francisco 2001

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – SEPTEMBER 27, 2001- Macworld, the premier Macintosh magazine and Web sites, today announced the winners of the Macworld Best of Show Awards at the Seybold San Francisco 2001 tradeshow. The six winners represent some of the most interesting, innovative, and buzz-worthy Macintosh products and technologies on display this week at the venerable publishing-industry trade show and conference.


"Every year, Seybold brings with it many exciting publishing products, and this year is no different," said Macworld editor Jason Snell. "From impressive new hardware offerings to Mac OS X native software, this year¹s Seybold San Francisco brought us a wide range of products to choose from for our Best of Show awards."

To be eligible for Best of Show consideration, products were either making their public debut at Seybold San Francisco 2001 or were recently introduced and likely to generate excitement on the show floor. The Macworld editors had to see the products in action, although some evaluations were based on beta versions or prototypes. "Macworld Best of Show Awards" represent a highly coveted honor within the Macintosh industry and are presented exclusively at the twice-yearly expo.

The award-winning products and technologies are:

Adobe Systems® InDesign 2.0 (

This week was the official coming-out party for this professional page layout application. InDesign gets points for an OS X-friendly architecture, the ability to add editable transparency effects, and the ability to import Photoshop and Illustrator files with transparency preserved.

Adobe Systems® XMP

A technology based on XML's Rich Data Format, XMP is an open standard that's been created for designers and creative professionals. The technology is being integrated into Acrobat 5, Illustrator 10 and InDesign 2.0.

Apple Computer®s AppleScript Studio (

Due later this year, AppleScript Studio is a professional development environment that lets AppleScript jocks build Mac OS X-native Cocoa applications using just AppleScript.

Electronics for Imaging®s eBeam (

Whiteboard-using Mac users will welcome eBeam , a $599 device that captures whiteboard content on the Mac. It works using two pods that attach to the white board, along with sleeves that go on your dry-erase markers.

Hewlett-Packard®s DesignJet 10ps (

A comping and proofing printer that sports a top resolution of 2400 by 1200 dpi, HP¹s new DesignJet 10ps has a maximum print size of 13 by 9 inches, six individual ink tanks, and a software-based PostScript 3 RIP, all at a list price of $995.

Wacom Technology®s Cintiq 15x (

The Cintiq 15x is a 15-inch active-matrix color LCD display mated to stylus tablet. The system works with a 1024 by 768-pixel resolution and has a high-contrast output with an 80 degree viewing angle. And at $1,899, it's less than half the price of its predecessor.

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* SOURCE: Intelliquest CIMS v 7.0