Manufacturing Insights’ Report Provides Tips To Improve Supply Chain Management

FRAMINGHAM, MA – MARCH 27, 2006 – A new report by Manufacturing Insights, an IDC company, examines the specific needs for intelligent supply chains and offers specific recommendations for businesses to get the most out of supply chain management. This Manufacturing Insights’ analysis also introduces businesses to its Information Technology (IT) and Supply Chain Economics™ framework, designed to help businesses go beyond traditional planning and business intelligence applications to improve business processes and increase profitability.

“Manufacturing firms use only a small percentage of the potential value from the information they collect, organize and syndicate,” says Bob Ferrari, director of supply chain strategies at Manufacturing Insights and author of this report. “We look at the broader potential for this information to be shared across functional and organizational boundaries and find that improving the return on information employed requires a holistic view of company performance, which we call IT Economics.”

In this report, Manufacturing Insights utilizes its IT Economics framework as well as its unique approach to benchmarking supply chain capability to identify best practices from some of the most successful (and profitable) companies in the industry. The report also reveals specific actions for businesses to establish more intelligent decision making models in supply chain processes, including:

• Achieve top-management and active support to improve overall supply chain decision making

• Establish an action team of company stakeholders to identify objectives for intelligent decision making

• Enhance supply chain benchmarking initiatives by studying best-in-class companies

Ferrari adds, “Competitiveness and profitability will reside with those companies demonstrating a more intelligent supply chain strategy that can predict or anticipate customer demands, and leverage all forms of information and quicker decision-making as a substitute for inventory and cost.”

Additional recommendations and findings can be found in this report entitled “Intelligent Decision Models: Getting the Most Out of Supply Chain Management” (Document # MI10172), available at

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