Market Spending on Enterprise Servers Expected to Reach A$1.2B in 2002 and Increase to A$1.5B by 2006, Says IDC

NORTH SYDNEY – JULY 2, 2002 – Servers are the most critical component of an organisations infrastructure today. With market spending on enterprise servers expected to reach A$1.2B in 2002 and increasing to A$1.5B by 2006, IDC Australia's ServerVision 2002 event,will address this IT priority of every organisation.


In a one-day event held on the 11th July 2002 at The Westin Hotel, Sydney, speakers, including IDCs Vice President of Computing Systems, Vernon Turner, will discuss skills, strategies and tactics which companies and governments must have to meet the changing demands of today and tomorrow's ebusiness.

Topics of the day will include: The Hardware Mettle-Improving Capabilities, The Dynamic Evolution, Software & Solutions-The Enablers and Future Computing.The day will offer users the unique opportunity to interface with IDC's analysts, suppliers, and their peers to discuss the challenges and opportunities for expanding their computing performance, reliability, and availability.

Smart investments in a robust IT infrastructure is essential, even in a changing economic environment. Companies should continually look at viable server infrastructure, technology, hardware and software, which can maximise ROI in the fastest possible way on themselves and the applications that reside on them, said Joel Martin, Research Director, IDC Australia.

Servers are one of the primary assets of any organisation, so there isn't a better time to ensure that the right server technology complements the software, which in turn determines how quickly business objectives are met. As an IT manager or end user, it has never been more critical to keep abreast of these latest developments, and IDC's ServerVision conference will provide the tools to do just that.

Key Questions addressed at ServerVision 2002 are:

1. What are the new developments in server hardware & software technology?

2. What are the breakthroughs in Density, I/O, Scalability, Security, Availability & Reliability in the server world?

3. What will be the server of tomorrow and how will it be different from current products?

4. Infrastructure, Integration, Intuition – The Ingredients for the next Internet. Which server Vendor has the three "Eyes"?

Constant advancements in the servers & software technology have offered newer possibilities for users to reduce cost and increase efficiency at the same time. To provide a well-rounded picture of the server industry, IDC experts will be joined by speakers from Hewlett-Packard, NEC, Sun Microsystems, AMD and Citrix – with presentations relating to the server market, and concluding with a panel discussion relating to key server issues impacting almost all organisations.

Piyush Singh, Managing Director, IDC Asia/Pacific, said,ServerVision promises to provide an interesting array of server-related presentations from leading vendors that will appeal to those involved in strategic planning, product planning and solution strategy from major user organisations, such as Manufacturing, Finance, Government, and Logistics. Channel partners, distributors, resellers, solutions integrators, network service providers, service providers, ASPs and ISPs are also part of our target audience.

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