Miramar Systems Joins Apple, Microsoft and Others as Sponsors of Publish Connections ’98

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – September 30, 1998 – (Publish Connections '98) ­Miramar Systems, Inc. today announced it's an official sponsor of a new conference focused on mixed-platform connectivity issues called Publish Connections '98 to be held at the San Diego Coronado Island Marriott Resort on October 7- 9.

Hosted by Publish Magazine, Publish Connections '98 will focus on mixed-platform integration challenges and solutions for Macintosh, Windows and Unix operating systems within the pre-press, publishing, printing, and graphic design industries.

As a conference sponsor, Miramar will demonstrate its PC MACLAN line of software and share industry testimony of corporate enterprises whose productivity has benefited by the PC-to-Mac file and printer sharing capabilities of Miramar software. Since developing technology that puts AppleTalk on a Windows machine, Miramar has grown into a global leader in the cross-platform networking arena.

"Although Miramar is not yet a household name like some of the conference's co-sponsors, (Microsoft and Apple) the company's contributions to the future and direction of the OS industry have been significant," explained Miramar Director of Sales Mike Sheffey. "In a few short years, Miramar has earned a reputation as 'the' PC integration and Mac migration expert for PC-to-Mac interoperability."

Moreover, Miramar has changed the way in which companies view cross-platform networking. PC MACLAN enables Macs and PCs to communicate over a network, running AppleTalk or TCP/IP.

Sheffey added, "Miramar has proven itself as a technological leader. In fact, leading pre-press and printing companies have adopted Miramar technology as part or their corporate business and marketing strategies."

Miramar currently licenses its technology to nearly every major RIP manufacturer in the industry, including AGFA, Harlequin, and Splash Technologies. Kinko's, a leading service bureau, is now using Miramarsoftware in over 900 U.S. branch offices. And, Hardware manufacturers, such as Intergraph Computers, are using PC MACLAN to provide cross-platform connectivity right "out of the box".

As a leading hardware manufacturer of NT graphics workstations, Integraph is becoming a driving force in cross-platform network growth. It's "Mac Friendly" ExtremeZ Graphics Workstation bundles PC MACLAN for Windows NT. This bundle offers complete bi-directional access between Windows NT and Mac OS, and gives graphics, pre-press and printing users a viable solution for networking and mix of machines.

With the continued emergence of PCs in creative-based industries, and the growth of cross-platform software, it is expected that the integration movement is on an upward slope. In fact, a recent study by IDG Research Services found that 39 percent of those in the publishing and pre-press industries are currently in mixed-platform environments. Furthermore, this study indicates that in those respective industries, 32 percent use Mac exclusively, and of those "Mac loyalists", 71 percent, indicated they will remain loyal.

With that understanding, Publish Connections '98 and its sponsors and integration experts may prove to become an annual event. For more information on the Publish Connections '98 conference, contact Miramar Systems at 800-862-2526 or 805- 966-2432; via email at sales@miramarsys.com; or visit the company's website at www.miramarsys.com.

Founded in 1989, Miramar Systems(TM) is the leading provider of Macintosh-to-PC software, providing reliable, cost- effective solutions for multi-platform microcomputer integration. Miramar develops, markets and supports software utilities to empower the desktop.

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