Mixed Performance Results for the Top 15 Worldwide IT Training Providers, IDC Says

FRAMINGHAM, MA – JUNE 25, 2002 – The top 15 worldwide IT education and training vendors in 2001 had a mixed year, a new IDC document reveals. While several of the top 15 training providers experienced negative growth from the prior year (some had double-digit negative growth), others grew at rates in excess of the market as a whole (18%) – suggesting strong offerings and good messages.


"The mixed performance is not reassuring, and the near-term outlook is not rosy," said Cushing Anderson, Director of IDC’s Learning Services research program. "However, 2002 will not be as bad as last year. According to our software research, while purchase decisions have been lengthened, valuable projects requiring training are still being initiated."

IDC remains optimistic about the corporate IT training marketplace, particularly over the long term. IDC believes the key for IT education providers is to focus on high-growth software markets and provide evidence of the value of training. Firms with a solid base in training that stick to their knitting will be challenged over the next 12 months, but not devastated. These firms should see recovery quickly and return to the robust performance of the late 1990s.

IDC ranks the top five vendors in the IT education and training market according to 2001 revenues as follows:

1. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

2. IBM Global Services

3. Oracle University

4. SAP

5. Sun Microsystems

The new IDC document, Top 15 Worldwide IT Education and Training Providers in 2001, (IDC #27268), ranks the largest IT training providers worldwide and outlines their revenue growth. The document also discusses the possibility of market consolidation and suggests strategies for vendors to increase the value of their offerings and to drive growth through value.

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