Network Management Tools Top Exhibitors’ New Product Lists For ComNet/San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 23, 1998 – Two-thirds of exhibitors at IDG's upcomingComNet/San Francisco Conference and

Exposition will unveil new products at the show, according to a survey of exhibitors by IDG Expo Management Company,

producers of the event.

Of the companies showcasing new products at ComNet/San Francisco, nearly one in two will be displaying network

management products, the survey revealed.

"The fact that two of every three companies will be unveiling new products at the show – and that most of those products are

network management-based – underscores the importance of ComNet/San Francisco to the networking and communications

industries," said Michael D. Munn, Show Director for ComNet/San Francisco. "We're not surprised that companies will be

showcasing their latest and greatest network management products at ComNet/San Francisco. This show leverages the

strong ComNet brand internationally by catering to the growing number of networking firms in and around the Bay Area – the

hub of the networking/communications industries for the world."

In addition to network management products, the survey also revealed forty percent of exhibitors will showcase new

infrastructure products. This category includes WAN switches, data/voice over WANs, E1, Advanced Intelligence Multiplexer

(AIM) and remote network management products.

Exhibitors in their responses revealed their enthusiasm for the diversity of new products expected to be on display at ComNet/

San Francisco.

"We are confident that ComNet/San Francisco will be every bit as successful as our experience was with ComNet/ Washington,

D.C.," said Karen Oullette, Marketing Communications Director for exhibiting company BICC Brand-Rex of Willimantic,


In addition to identifying the categories of new products they will be displaying, exhibitors were also asked to identify potential

or emerging industry trends. Exhibitors chose Internet services as the leading force, followed by ATM/Gigabit Ethernet and

Web-based applications as the second and third drivers, respectively. Remote access products followed next, ranking in the

top 70th percentile of all responses.

Remote access products are an integral part of ComNet/San Francisco. The show will feature the first-ever Remote Access

and Telecommuting Pavilion, featuring the most innovative telecommuting and remote access products.

In response to other questions, three of four companies exhibiting at the show say they plan to market their products on-line.

A number of companies said they already market all their products on-line.

The survey was based on a comprehensive questionnaire circulated to all participating companies.

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