Network World Adds Coverage of Teleworking and Launches Online Resource Center

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA — NOVEMBER 15, 2000 — Network World, the Leader in Network Knowledge, announced today that it will add a new section November 13th called Net.Worker to help network executives deal with the swelling ranks of teleworkers. A monthly section in the publication and an in-depth online resource center will investigate the roducts and services needed to support a federation of network-attached employees.


According to a recent report by International Data Corporation, the U.S. mobile and remote population in 2000 is expected to reach 39.2 million and will increase at an 9% annual compound growth rate to 55.4 million in 2004. While companies are attracted to the distributed workforce concept as a means of managing real estate costs and accommodating employee desires, supporting remote workers raises complex issues. How do you secure enterprise access for remote workers? How do you handle application and hardware problems? How do you upgrade software on 1,000 remote PCs? What are the best collaboration tools for keeping workers plugged in — video-conferencing, groupware, maybe instant messaging?

The monthly print version of Net.Worker will offer product/service news, reviews and opinion, while the extensive resource center at will add daily news, how-to articles, product reviews, buyers guides, trend analysis pieces, forums, and helpful software to benefit network managers. Coverage will include topics as wide-ranging as:

· the pros and cons of high-speed Internet access options such as DSL, cable

Modems, and satellite

· secure network access by remote workers

· home-office technology reviews

· case studies of companies grappling with remote access issues

· management strategies regarding telework policies and processes

· buyers guides identifying third-party support options

"A lot has been written about teleworkers, but we're breaking ground by looking at the subject strictly through the eyes of the IT professionals whose job it is to support them," said John Dix, Editor in Chief of Network World. "We'll look at everything from the security implications of a scattered workforce to issues surrounding work processes. For example, what kind of planning and collaboration tools do you need to keep remote folks emotionally connected to the organization?"

Network World has appointed Toni Kistner as Managing Editor of Net. Worker. Kistner joins Network World from Home Office Computing magazine, a monthly technology/business publication for home-based workers, where she was the Executive Editor. Prior to that, she served as the Associate Editor of networking and communications for PC Magazine.

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