Network World and Ceonex Partner To Bring The Power Of Proprietary Lead Generation To Online Marketers, Agencies And Publishers

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA – MARCH 6, 2003 – Network World, Inc. and Ceonex, USA have partnered to develop a series of innovative online advertising platforms for advertisers, agencies and publishers. The first of these platforms, ResourceCenters, is now available. A ResourceCenter allows online marketers to develop their brand and generate proprietary leads in a self-contained messaging unit that can be launched from any link on the Web, including banners, text links, e-mail blasts, press releases, editorial sponsorships and corporate Web sites. ResourceCenters are the most recent addition to Network World’s strategic portfolio of lead generation and campaign optimization tools.


A ResourceCenter can be populated with key product and service information including white papers, datasheets, brochures, multimedia and more to provide highly relevant content to a targeted online audience. The robust 24/7 reporting features of the ResourceCenter allow marketers to measure user activity and performance levels tied directly to their dedicated message and to update the content on a daily basis to optimize their marketing message, user response and lead generation efforts. The standard lead generation tools, download registration and request information, allow marketers to gather proprietary lead information from key prospects. With the combined lead generation and optimization tools, marketers can tailor messages and provide information to nurture on-going communication with key prospects. To view a working ResourceCenter visit

“We’ve combined the strengths of Network World expertise and Ceonex’s technology to develop an innovative new product for Web advertisers, agencies and publishers,” said Alonna Doucette, VP online business development, Network World. “This technology has been available to Network World advertisers for the past six months and the results have exceeded expectations. Our advertisers are quite pleased and our online visitors appreciate the opportunity to gather detailed product and services information and remain on the originating Web site.”

Agencies and publishers can take advantage of two ResourceCenter membership levels, Affiliate and Partner to bring the benefits of this advertising platform to their customers. Marketing, product and development support are also available at an additional cost.

“ResourceCenter technology is very easy to use,” added Theodore Agranat, CEO, Ceonex. “Marketers can create and update content on a daily basis guaranteeing their companies’ latest business objectives are consistently in front of the their best online customers. Marketers can manage their own ResourceCenter or they can opt for full support from the Ceonex team.”

About Network World

Network World, Inc., provides an extensive portfolio of strategic lead generation programs at any price point. Network World, Inc., the Leader in Network Knowledge, empowers Network IT Executives through education, information and community. Network World is the leading provider of news, analysis, reviews, events and education on information technology. Network World publishes the leading newsweekly, Network World, hosts the most active online community, Network World Fusion (, and produces educational seminars and events worldwide. Network World’s portfolio of strategic marketing programs provides marketing and agency professionals with the tools to generate high-quality leads, optimize marketing campaigns, and create new revenue opportunities.

About Ceonex, Inc.

Established in the USA in 1998, Ceonex is a global Internet Consulting and Development agency helping clients to create and implement online business solutions. Combining diverse expertise in strategy, technology and design, Ceonex produces highly scalable business solutions and online user experiences. Enabling businesses to heighten brand awareness, strengthen their competitive advantage and provide them with opportunities to increase revenues and enhance productivity,

Ceonex has Offices in the US, Pacific Rim and Europe. Recent Ceonex projects include Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Bates Advertising, KPMG, LSI Logic, NetworkWorld USA, Phillips and Santec. For more information visit: