SOUTHBOROUGH, MA – September 3, 2004 – Network World, Inc., the Leader in Network Knowledge, today announced the transformation of its popular DEMOletter newsletter to a Weblog. DEMOletter started in 1996 as a print publication for DEMO and DEMOmobile conference attendees. It is designed to challenge the thinking of IT experts, investors and business development executives, track emerging technologies and trends, and provide in-depth industry analysis. DEMOletter, as an on-line public forum, is expected to attract more than the 10,000 current subscribers who include entrepreneurs creating companies, building products, and launching new ideas in today's fast-paced technology business, by providing industry news and information in real-time.

"Blogging is at the vanguard of social media, a new form of publishing that turns readership into interacting communities," said Chris Shipley, Executive Producer of the DEMO Conferences and founding editor of DEMOletter. "It is more than appropriate that DEMO — as a community of industry thought leaders — embraces this new journalism to bring more and more inclusive news and analysis to its community."

In its new blog format, DEMOletter serves as a forum for uncensored, peer-to-peer interaction and discussions that complement the insight and analysis provided by Shipley and the Network World editorial staff. "With the Weblog, we get to directly interface with readers as a community, so that we all can educate and challenge each other," notes Keith Shaw, Editor of DEMOletter. "Previously, we responded to the many e-mails we received in a linear fashion which did not allow group interaction."

The DEMOletter weblog site,, includes the content that was popular with DEMOletter readers such as The Weather Report, which reports on the status of DEMO alumni companies. New features enabled by the online architecture are the weekly poll question and the chance for direct feedback on each article posted.