Network World Launches The Network World 200 Data Collection Process

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA — NOVEMBER 15, 2000 — Network World, Inc., the Leader in Network Knowledge, is officially beginning the data collection process for the Network World 200 and hereby calls companies to stand and be counted. The Network World 200 ranks public network companies by revenue, profits, revenue and earning per employee, expenditures on research, global sales and more. The 200 biggest companies in the networking industries will be published in the annual Network World 200 Signature Series issue in April 2001.


The process of identifying the industry's 200 largest organizations starts with an exhaustive scan of the field for network companies that should be included in the survey. If your company is public, has revenues of more than $10 million and is a network player, send a description of your company's products and/or services, your Web-address and contact information to This basic information will be cross referenced with lists of public network companies that Network World amasses from multiple sources before it sets out to survey the industry looking for the 200 largest network companies. The final product ranks the 200 companies by revenue and also provides cross tabs identifying everything from the fastest growing firms to those generating the most profit and the companies investing most in R&D.

It is important to get in the running now, so as not to miss out on the opportunity to be identified as one of the industry's most important players. It is not necessary to forward any other information at this time, just the company thumbnail and contact information. All entries mailed to will receive an automated response acknowledging receipt of the entry.

About Network World’s Annual Network World 200 Issue

The Network World 200 Issue, part of Network World’s premier Signature Series, profiles the 200 biggest U.S. public companies in the network industry and provides guidance for determining the health and financial well-being of network vendors. It also profiles 10 start-ups to watch in the network industry.

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