Network World to Host Governors in On-Line Debate over Internet Taxation

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA, APRIL 11, 2000 – Network World Inc., the Leader in Network Knowledge, will host a week-long debate online between Massachusetts's Gov. Paul Cellucci and Michigan's Gov. John Engler beginning April 17th on the issue of taxing sales on the Internet. Visitors to the Network World Fusion site at are invited to join the debate with Governor Paul Cellucci and Governor John Engler. Their opinion pieces will be published in the April 17th issue of Network World and available online.

During the week of April 17th, visitors will be able to post their questions in the online forum at, and the Governors will respond in a timely fashion. Highlights from this forum will be published in the April 24 issue of Network World and available online at Network World Fusion.

Taxation on the 'Net has been a contentious issue for federal, state and local governments. Network World, which has been covering Internet tax issues closely, has brought together two governors that represent opposing views. Governor Engler from Michigan believes that state and local coffers will be deprived of an important revenue stream if states don't collect taxes on Internet goods. Governor Cellucci from Massachusetts argues that the Internet needs time to grow and adding the complexity of collecting and remitting taxes will create an unnecessary burden for online businesses or bricks and mortar companies trying to expand their businesses to the Internet.

"Network World is excited to be able to bring together two governors important to this issue because we know Internet taxation is of great interest to Network IS professionals," said Sandra Gittlen, Managing Editor of Network World Fusion. "They are the ones who will create the business infrastructure to support e-commerce taxation."

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