New Market Structure and New Opportunities Emerges for Spatial Information Management, According to IDC

FRAMINGHAM, MA – DECEMBER 10, 2002 – The spatial information management (SIM) software industry is being reshaped by broad spatially enabled database management and data access capabilities that are emerging across the IT industry, according to IDC. This new market structure will present spatial information management vendors with significant opportunities to add value to information systems and to exploit new markets. "Vendors will need to identify new opportunities for unique location- enabled solutions that will arise within existing enterprise information systems," said Henry Morris, vice president of Applications and Information Access software research at IDC. "Open data access and spatially enabled database management also open rich opportunities for SIM vendors.


Those vendors who do not take advantage of these opportunities will find themselves competing for an increasingly smaller revenue pool." Location-based services (LBS) and spatial information management-oriented Web services will eventually influence the spatial information management market. Before Web services can deliver benefits such as decreasing costs and speeding the process of integrating spatial technology into business applications, the IT industry will have to develop and implement a much more mature Web Services architecture.

IDC's recently published spatial information studies, The Structure of the Spatial Information Management Software Industry (IDC #28246) and Spatial Information Management: Competitive Analysis, 2002 (IDC #28348) outline the new spatial information management market structure, identify the opportunities and risks, and include a detailed competitive analysis highlighting the top players in this market. The industry model and analysis provides valuable guidance and input into the strategic and tactical planning processes of software vendors competing in the SIM market.

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