Nightmare or Nirvana? The Impact of Multicore Processing to Have Profound Effects by 2009, According to IDC

FRAMINGHAM, MA – August 24, 2005 – Although some industry incumbents see multicore processing (the ability to place many general-purpose or specialized processors on a single silicon dye) as an innovation that threatens to disrupt the delicate IT ecosystem, IDC believes this technology may be one of the most significant industry developments of the past 40 years. The impact on the IT infrastructure will accelerate with each generation of multicore processing technology, causing a significant market shift in the 2009-2010 time frame.

Established players in microprocessors, operating platforms, systems management, security, application development tools, network management, and services delivery must accept, if not embrace, this market shift to meet the challenges presented by emerging competitors, and to address the increasing needs of customers who continually demand more from their IT environments.

"Multicore processing will provide the flexibility, agility, and efficiency of future Dynamic IT environments," says Matt Eastwood, vice president of IDC's Server research. "Users expect significant price/performance improvements from these systems and anticipate that multicore will further accelerate the adoption of server virtualization technologies. Technology suppliers that prepare for this transition appropriately will be rewarded with increased revenue opportunities over the next few years."

Key findings from this report include:

— 2005 will be a watershed year for multicore processing, now offering widespread choice for the IT industry

— Although IBM, HP, and Sun have been shipping dual-core RISC processors for some time, AMD, Azul Systems, and Intel are also laying important groundwork for the rest of the industry

— The blades market will serve as a launching pad for multicore processing

— Software licensing will not be an issue for the early adopters because the software vendors have largely confirmed ongoing licensing policies

— Multicore processing will have a significant impact on IT infrastructures in its third generation, 2009-2010

The IDC study, Multicore Processing Scenarios, 2005-2009: Disrupting the IT Market in Three Generations? (IDC #33789) covers the impact that multicore processors and their processing abilities will have on a broad IT ecosystem as new generations of server technology are rolled out. Multicore processing has the capability to disrupt the IT infrastructure as we currently know and manage it. By 2009, the third iteration of the technology will allow many new products to be created and challenge conventional IT infrastructure build-out.

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