PC World Again Leads Competitive Computer and Business Magazines in Total Readership; Award-winning magazine dominates in reach to total, unduplicated, combined universe of purchase influencers.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – NOVEMBER 21, 2006 – PC World continues to best its competition in total, unduplicated, combined average issue audience among all purchase influencers, as reported by the IntelliQuest CIMS, Fall 2006 readership study. In addition, PC World remains one of the most cost- efficient marketing vehicles available, based on overall reach and price.

PC World vs. Select Computer and Business Magazines IntelliQuest CIMS, Fall 2006

Total Average Issue Audience(1) PC World Advantage CPM- Total(2) Home- Average Issue Audience PC World Advantage

PC WORLD 4,296,000 — $18.08 3,889,000 —

Business Week 4,104,000 192,000 $24.24 3,587,000 302,000

PC Magazine 4,017,000 279,000 $18.77 3,647,000 242,000

Forbes 3,518,000 778,000 $27.33 3,109,000 780,000

Fortune 3,045,000 1,251,000 $30.41 2,680,000 1,209,000

Wired 2,040,000 2,256,000 $28.32 1,873,000 2,016,000

Computer Shopper 1,740,000 2,556,000 $12.63 1,582,000 2,307,000

Inc. 971,000 3,325,000 $97.90 849,000 3,040,000

(1)Total unduplicated, combined Average Issue Audience: Business, Home, and Dual Studies

2)Telmar Rate card file 10/06, 4-color, one page, no bleed, based on Total Average Issue Audience

Increasingly, technology products are used for home and leisure activities as well as for business applications making it critical for advertisers to reach individuals who incorporate these products into all aspects of their lives. This highly-desirable group, Tech-Savvy Managers who buy, use, and integrate technology at work, home, and everywhere in between, has long comprised PC World's core audience. As demonstrated by IntelliQuest CIMS, Fall 2006, PC World is the most effective way to reach these consumers of technology for business and home.

"We're pleased that once again this respected study has confirmed that PC World's award-winning editorial has attracted the most technology purchase influencers within its competitive set," said Jeff Edman, president and CEO of PC World Communications, Inc. "But equally important to advertisers is the intensity of their readership since this increases the likelihood of their ad being read and acted upon."

Affinity Measures IntelliQuest CIMS, Fall 2006

Reads 4:4 Issues PC World Advantage Reads 75%+ of each issue PC World Advantage

PC WORLD 1,229,000 — 2,147,000 —

PC Magazine 1,194,000 35,000 2,048,000 99,000

Forbes 1,081,000 148,000 1,569,000 578,000

Business Week 1,025,000 204,000 1,647,000 500,000

Fortune 816,000 413,000 1,232,000 915,000

Wired 615,000 614,000 1,121,000 1,026,000

Computer Shopper 601,000 628,000 1,041,000 1,106,000

Inc. 237,000 992,000 422,000 1,725,000

IntelliQuest CIMS, Fall 2006 wraps-up an eventful year at PC World. PCWorld.com received min's Best of the Web award for Best Blog in March and in July debuted a sweeping new site redesign and architecture. Also in July, both the magazine and Web site won 13 National and nine regional editorial awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors.

Fielded in two waves from July 2005 – April 2006 and January – September 2006, the IntelliQuest CIMS, Fall 2006 research study represents a projected universe of over 36 million business purchase influencers, over 78 million home purchase influencers, and over 27 million dual purchase influencers.

About PC World:

PC World Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of IDG, is the publisher of PC World, PCWorld.com ( www.pcworld.com ), and home of the PC World Test Center. The winner of the 2005 Maggie Award for Best Computer Magazine/Consumer, PC World has a readership of nearly 4.3 million total purchase influencers (IntelliQuest CIMS, Fall 2006: Total unduplicated, combined Average Issue Audience: Business, Home, and Dual Studies). With an average of nearly 6.0 million unique visitors per month (HitBox, August – October 2006), PCWorld.com, winner of the 2005 Neal Award for Best Web Site, is a leading online resource for technology product buyers and users.

About IDG:

International Data Group (IDG) is the world's leading technology media, research, and event company. A privately-held company, IDG publishes more than 300 magazines and newspapers including Bio-IT World, CIO, CSO, Computerworld, GamePro, InfoWorld, Network World, and PC World. The company features the largest network of technology-specific Web sites with more than 400 around the world. IDG is also a leading producer of more than 170 computer-related events worldwide including LinuxWorld Conference & Expo(R), Macworld Conference & Expo(R), DEMO(R), and IDC Directions. IDC provides global market research and advice through offices in 50 countries. Company information is available at http://www.idg.com .

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