PC World Labs Releases WorldBench 6 Test Software ; Real-world benchmark lets IT users test hardware system performance the PC World Labs way

SAN FRANCISCO – November 23, 2009 – WorldBench, the benchmarking software developed and used by PC World Labs for testing hardware system performance, is now compatible with all editions of Windows 7. The latest version, WorldBench 6, is available for purchase at www.worldbench.com[http://www.worldbench.com].

“The first WorldBench was created in 1996 to help the PC World editorial team rate and rank systems. Since then, companies such as Monsanto, Sony and HP have been using our software to better inform their buying decisions,” explained PC World Labs Director Jeffrey Kuta. “Because of this demand, we saw a broader market for WorldBench 6 and created a new licensing structure to accommodate individuals, small businesses and large corporations.”

A single-user license to run WorldBench 6 on one PC, suitable mainly for hobbyists who wish to tweak their system settings and optimize performance, costs $249. A small-business license (for up to five computers) is available for $999, while a corporate license (for up to 25 systems) is available for $2,499.

“Corporations now have the opportunity to run WorldBench on several different types of desktops or laptops to help them decide which SKU gives them the best price/performance value before a large purchase of thousands of PCs,” Kuta said.

WorldBench 6 resembles previous versions of the software in appearance and navigation but has been updated to run reliably on both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of all Windows 7 editions, as well as on Windows Vista and XP. Real-world benchmarks such as WorldBench outperform synthetic benchmarks because they gauge a PC’s speed, performance and reliability by testing actual user tasks, such as word processing, compressing or encoding files, and Web browsing.

Since it is automated, WorldBench 6 can report errors and restart failed tests without user input. It then records the results, including the final WorldBench 6 score, as well as the individual results of each application’s workload, in both text and graphs.

Refined for more than a decade, WorldBench is currently used in more than 30 countries by Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies and international media outlets.

For sales information please email worldbench@pcworld.com.

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