PC World Publishes ‘Special PC Security Issue’ Award-Winning Magazine Cautions Users Against Internet Dangers: Spyware, Phishing, and Identity Theft; Provides Tips and Tools to Remain Safe Online

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – OCTOBER 18, 2005 – On newsstands today (10/18/05), PC World's November 2005 issue is dedicated to online security and how individuals and companies can protect themselves. Addressing the ever-increasing threats to data, privacy, businesses, and to the Internet itself, this is the first time any magazine has explored the latest online dangers in such an in-depth fashion.

The exclusive report entitled "The New Security War" begins on page 68 and consists of four main articles:

The Hidden Money Trail (page 71): A detailed look at how adware and spyware work, the differences between the two, and how companies make them profitable.

Best Defenders (page 85): A review of the newest and most effective tools to banish spyware in three categories: Paid Stand-Alone, Free Stand-Alone, and Internet Security Suites.

Privacy in Peril (page 101): A look at how personal information is available to the public for a price and what consumers can do to defend their privacy.

Is the Net Doomed? (page 111): Some say the Net has become the biggest international crime scene in history — how this happened and advice on cleaning it up.

In addition, the PC World security issue features multiple sidebars, three one-page "Threat Alerts," and a "10-Step Security Checklist" (page 119) to protect against Internet threats, new and old. Visual aids explain how adware infects PCs, how antivirus software may be compromised, the growing trend of "spear fishing," and how worms propagate themselves. Screenshots demonstrate how to tighten online security, and provide examples of adware links.

Internet safety is an all-around high priority. The statistics below show that malware is invading every aspect of our lives — both at work and at home:

— $400 billion was the overall cost of cybercrime in 2004 (2005 McAfee Criminology Report)

— $30.9 million was lost by 639 businesses due to theft of proprietary data (CSI/FBI 2005 Security Report)

— 33% of scanned enterprise PCs were infected with adware; 80% of scanned consumer PCs were infected with spyware; 50% of scanned consumer PCs had adware present (Webroot State of Spyware, Q2 2005)

— 80% of surveyed firms use anti-spyware tools; 65% of businesses plan to invest in new or additional spyware tools (Forrester Research, 2005)

— 73% of consumers said personal data theft is a deterrent to online banking (Ipsos Insight, 2005)

Earlier this year, PCWorld.com published a five-part series "Web of Crime." Each installment explored a different facet of Internet crime for profit. The articles can be found at http://find.pcworld.com/50002 .

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