PCAdvisor.co.uk leads the way on ABC ELECTRONIC audits

LONDON, UK – MAY 9, 2002 – PCAdvisor.co.uk, the online accompaniment to the magazine PC Advisor, has boosted page impressions by 45 percent in the past 12 months according to a recent ABC ELECTRONIC audit.


Consolidating its position as the UK's leading PC magazine website, PC Advisor remains the only magazine website in its sector to be officially audited.

Boasting 1.549220 million page impressions and more than 100,738 unique visitors, PC Advisor.co.uk, has twice in the past year been nominated for PPA awards (Best Interactive Magazine 2001 and Best Consumer Website 2001).

A mere 20 percent of the site's content comes from the magazine. In place of the shovelware approach adopted by its rivals, PCAdvisor.co.uk has focused instead on visitor content.

Two highly successful forums – Helproom and Consumerwatch – account for around half of the site's traffic, generated by PCAdvisor.co.uk registered users (currently claimed by PC Advisor to number over 55,000). Both forums offer a live walk in forum clinic in addition to a vast database of structured data with advanced search facilities.

Helproom – a forum for resolving PC related technical problems – clocks up 40 percent of overall traffic on its own, answering 200 technical queries

per day. Visitors also have the option of searching the forum's archive, which comprises a third of a million postings.

Helproom's sister forum 'Consumerwatch' – focused on service related issues – generates eight percent of PCAdvisor.co.uk's traffic. Most of the leading UK PC manufacturers have an official presence in the forum, in addition to ISPs like Pipex.

"It's all about providing an application rather than a publication," said Online Editor, Guy Dixon. "Concentrating on forum members has also given us an editorial team of 55,000 journalists. It has helped us move beyond the standard package of daily news, reviews, downloads and archived magazine."

Publisher David Fernando said, "Publishers quote a variety of traffic figures but quite frankly these are often meaningless when used as an independent measure of popularity. Online advertising is growing at a double-digit rate, so it is time clients and agencies demand more stringent independent online audits in the same way they do for print. Happily, in true IDG fashion, PCAdvisor.co.uk is willing and able to provide advertisers with the facts."

Richard Foan, Managing Director of ABC ELECTRONIC commented: "It’s extremely positive for the online computer publishing sector that a leading player in this industry such as PCAdvisor.co.uk is committed to providing credible figures as well as promoting web standards for the Internet as a medium".

About PC Advisor:

PC Advisor is the complete guide to personal technology for work and home. With an ABC audit of 125,052, it is one of the UK’s best-selling monthly PC magazines. PC Advisor is published by IDG, the world's leading IT media, research and exposition company. IDG publishes more than 300 computer magazines and newspapers and offers online users the largest network of technology-specific sites around the world, comprising 330 targeted websites.


ABC ELECTRONIC was established in 1996, and building on the experience and expertise of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Ltd (ABC), has rapidly established itself as the organisation that media planners and owners trust to verify electronic media and Website traffic statistics to agreed industry standards, as defined by JICWEBS*. ABC ELECTRONIC is a tri-partite, not for profit, industry owned organisation that works with, and on behalf of, advertisers, media buyers and media owners to provide third party, independent auditing services.

* JICWEBS (The Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards) is a body created by the UK media industry. Its aim is to ensure independent development and ownership of standards for measuring use and effectiveness of advertising on electronic media. www.jicwebs.org