Peer-to-Peer Viability Discussed in Aftermath of Napster Ruling at DEMO 2001

PHOENIX, AZ – FEBRUARY 13, 2001 – IDG Executive Forums' DEMO 2001 conference today conducted a timely panel discussion with leading peer-to-peer technology executives as news coverage on the Napster ruling emerged.


"DEMO brings together many of the thought leaders in the industry and provides a platform for the discussion of the issues," stated Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO 2001.

Included in this morning's panel were peer-to-peer experts Jordan Ritter, vice president of technology, Round1, and former Napster lead technologist; Neil Iscoe, CEO of eCertain; Edward Jung, president of OpenDesign Inc.; Moshe Raines, CEO of eMikolo Networks, Inc.; and Michael Tanne, CEO of XDegrees.

"We can't 'throw the baby out with the bathwater' and condemn peer-to-peer along with Napster because downloading music is an application and peer-to-peer is an infrastructure," said Shipley. "Distributed computing will enable scaling of the Internet so that Metcalfe's Law will be fully realized and surpassed. Instead of the value of the network equals the number of the network nodes squared (value=n2), we're suggesting a new formula where the value equals the number of nodes factorial (value=n!)."

The panel discussed which of the following hurdles is hampering widespread adoption of peer-to-peer networks — the technology, the business efficacy, or the psychological issue of a distributed network?

Most panelists agreed that the technology exists and the business issues, micro-payments or opt-in free usage, are unresolved. However, the main impediment to adoption may be the psychological barrier IT departments face with a distributed architecture.

In discussing business models on consumer use of peer-to-peer networks, Shipley suggested that distributed computing may be the best working business model for free Internet as consumer's PCs are acting as clients and servers and helping "pay" for usage.

Panelist Jordon Ritter concurred creating a new definition for a "lien" machine.

Produced by IDG Executive Forums, the DEMO 2001 conference features 76 new product debuts by emerging and established companies and is attended by more than 800 of the nation's top-tier investor relations firms, venture capitalists, Fortune 500 company representatives and business development executives. Now in its eleventh year, DEMO has established a reputation for identifying and presenting to an elite audience the products most likely to have a significant impact on the marketplace and market trends in the coming year.

A new concept that put entrepreneurs in the spotlight, DEMO HotSeat (TM), was introduced. This program challenged randomly selected executives to present their positioning "elevator" pitch. "We used an on-screen, sixty-second timer to add pressure, forcing executives to keep on message," said Jim Forbes, co-producer of DEMO. "Because not all of our demonstrators can be presenters, HotSeat allows more companies to deliver their message to our live audience."

DEMO again served today as the launch pad for several products and companies including:

— Palm announced a Bluetooth enabled Palm for a wider range of wireless applications

— HandSpring introduced two new applications, Presenter-to-Go from Margi Systems and eyemodule2 from IDEO, a full-color, full-VGA camera

— previewed their fully customizable, ASP-based CRM application suite

— Biz360 launched an automated news analysis engine designed for marketing and PR professionals

— Tilion announced an Internet-based service giving companies a better view of their supply chain through analytics, allowing them to make more informed

business decisions

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