Poland’s Hardcopy Peripherals Market Shifting to More Expensive Devices

Prague, March 7, 2014 — Declining consumer demand and a growing preference for added functionality are driving the gradual evolution of the Polish hardcopy peripherals market, according to the latest insights from International Data Corporation (IDC). The research firm's most recent findings show that approximately 1.1 million units were shipped in the country in 2013, representing a volume decline of just over 1% year on year. Interestingly, however, the market's value bucked this trend, expanding 1% compared with the previous year, suggesting a shift is underway to more expensive devices.

"All segments of the Polish hardcopy peripherals market suffered a year-on-year decline in consumer spending during 2013," says Przemek Kowalski, a senior analyst for imaging, printing, and document solutions at IDC Poland. "This was counterbalanced by an increase in shipments of more expensive devices aimed at business users, which helped propel the market's value growth. Looking ahead, IDC expects to see further growth in demand in 2014, particularly for devices equipped with smart printing and cloud printing functionalities."

On the supply side, HP dominates the Polish hardcopy peripherals market, achieving more than 47% share of the market's volume in 2013, followed by Brother, with 15.3% volume share, and Canon, with 14.5%.

Looking ahead, Poland's economy is expected to develop at a faster rate over the coming years, largely due to the release of EU funding for 2014–2020, improving export capabilities, and growing domestic consumption — all of which will drive the overall IT market's growth, with the hardcopy peripherals market also benefiting.

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