Portables Offer A Glimmer of Hope, Reports IDC

NORTH SYDNEY – FEBRUARY 10 2003 – Preliminary Q4 2002 Australian PC figures have been released by IDC. The preliminary results show that the PC market in Australia reached 578,500 units in Q4 2002. This is a 10.8% increase from Q3 and a 10.6% increase from the same quarter the year before.


Overall PC shipments reached 2,167,000 for 2002 representing a 7.9% growth over 2001. The notebook market out performed all other form factors with a massive 21.7% growth compared to 4.7% for desktops and 5.5% for Intel servers. The PC market was led by HP and vendors who made the most progress year-on-year included; Toshiba (28%), Acer(154%), and local assembler Optima (27%).

Q4 Market and Vendor Highlights

HP once again led the market in Q4 with 18.0% market share. However, Dell was hot on the leader's heels growing from 11.0% in Q3 to 13.4% in Q4. Dell embarked on a massive advertising campaign gaining acceptance in the consumer and small business markets where it has not done as well in the past, commented Darian Bird, ANZ Hardware Analyst at IDC. Third and fourth positions were held by Acer and IBM with 6.7% and 6.6% market share respectively.

The launch of the Tablet PC in Q4 saw an increase in activity from several of the major portable vendors. Industries such as health, mining and finance started testing the new form factor in anticipation of larger rollouts later in 2003. IDC expects both convertible and slate tablets to appeal to users seeking increased mobility without a compromise in performance, said Darian Bird.


IDC expects that over the next twelve months PC buying activity will be stimulated by the first post-Y2K refresh cycle in the business market. However, uncertainty in the economy and political environment will continue to influence purchasing, although not in the first half of 2003. Buying trends in the second half of the year are expected to be heavily influenced by escalating global tensions between the USA and North Korea and Iraq, maintaining the recent gains and stability of the Australian dollar, and suppliers proving investment return on desktop replacements, Says IDC.

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