Recent Webcast Garners Valuable Data On Enterprise Storage Technology

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA – SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 – A recent webcast produced by, a unit of IDG and a leading producer of broadband interactive marketing solutions, found that 60 percent of corporate IT managers and executives surveyed indicated that their company's storage solutions were not being implemented correctly – both in terms of the technology use as well as the management of those solutions – revealing the need for vendors to further educate IT managers on how to overcome these issues with solutions that are available today.


The on-demand webcast, built and delivered on ITworld's ITwebcast platform, includes a sophisticated viewer data collection feature that allows participants to voice opinions on a number of issues related to the respondent's role in the organization and the effectiveness of their storage management solutions. When participants of the "Maximizing Storage ROI" webcast were asked whether their company's storage devices or spending on storage technology were well understood or controlled, 26 percent of webcast survey respondents answered "no." And when queried on the management of those resources, 34 percent felt their companies were not doing an adequate job. Only 12 percent of respondents felt they were realizing a good return on their storage investment.

Survey respondents represented a cross section of positions within the enterprise, with over 40 percent representing IT management and executive-level positions. The majority of respondents categorized themselves as having a significant role in the purchase decision making process for storage technology, ranging from investigators, evaluators, recommendation makers, to decision makers and actual purchasers. While the audience is global in nature, to date, nearly 70 percent of participants have been from North America, with Asia/Pacific, EMEA, Western Europe and Latin America regions represented by the remaining participants.

These survey results illustrate two of the most important benefits of webcasts – providing viewers with up-to-date information on solutions that are available, as well as providing vendors with a direct feedback loop and detailed information on the audience, its priorities, and its purchase plans. The data also provides a critical measure of the effectiveness of the webcast itself, assuring vendors that they are reaching their intended audiences.

"The more the ITwebcast platform is used, the more we learn about particular segments in the IT community," said Bill Reinstein, president and CEO of ITworld. "In this particular storage-related webcast, we were able to gain more insight into the exact storage needs in enterprise IT thus giving our advertisers better information about their prospects and their immediate buying needs."

The webcast is part of a new series recently launched by, and available on-demand, 24 hours a day at The series enables IT professionals to gain deeper knowledge and answers to critical technology issues affecting their corporate enterprise. Other webcasts in the series or under development include: "Making the Move to an MSP," Enterprise Security, CRM, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, and VPNs. For a complete listing of on-demand webcasts, visit

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