Security Has Moved From the Back Room to the Boardroom, Says IDC

NORTH SYDNEY – JANUARY 9, 2003 – In a new report on the Australian and New Zealand Security Services Market, IDC finds that perceptions of security investments have shifted up to a strategic level within organisations, and this has moved discussions about enterprise security from the back room to the boardroom. Reflecting this change in perception, IDC has witnessed security being viewed as an integral element of sound management and a key part of effective corporate governance.


Phillip Allen, IDC Senior Analyst for security, said, Enterprise security issues have moved upwards within the business hierarchy to a strategic level. This new prominence provides clear opportunities for security vendors who can turn greater awareness into investment. Overall, the growth of Australia's security services will be determined by drivers such as increased use of the Internet and rise of security violations.

IDC has found that a number of key drivers have emerged which will fuel the demand for security services. These key drivers are:

Increased internet use- The growth in Internet and Intranet usage, is a dominant influencer of security. The evolution of network usage has expanded security requirements exponentially, making it a key driver in the growth of the security market in Australia and New Zealand.

Complexity- From both a business and IT perspective, security is becoming more complex. End users want and deserve services that can be easily deployed and maintained, that can be understood, and that lower the cost of ownership. This is very important given the high level of enterprise uncertainly about exactly what, and how much security, they really need.

Mobile computing- As consumers and companies look for better ways to transfer data and conduct transactions, the mobile environment will become increasingly attractive. As mobile Internet expands beyond early adopters and rolls into the enterprise and general-consumer markets, mobile security will become an increasingly hot issue.

This is a growing market and there is increased priority on risk management, and a realisation that security failure can seriously impact adversely on company brand. However, it will not be an easy sell as the business environment is increasingly looking for value to be delivered from any investments, and security solutions will be no exception.commented Phillip Allen, IDC Senior Analyst for security.

IDCs market performance tracking has clearly indicated that the security services sector has grown at a rate significantly above that achieved by the overall IT services sector during 2002. This strong growth is predicted to continue, with security services expected to be a high growth area in 2003 and beyond.

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