Service and Software Providers Alike Must Address the Enterprise’s Mobile Needs, IDC Says

FRAMINGHAM, MA – MAY 24, 2001 – Enterprise demand for mobile functionality is on the verge of exploding. According to a recent IDC survey, both U.S. and European corporations are in the thick of this explosion.


Approximately 21% of U.S. respondents are currently in the process of deploying a mobile solution, and another 56% are considering deploying one. In Europe, the current rate is even higher with 35% of respondents saying they are putting a mobile solution in place today.

For IT service providers the results of IDC’s survey are even more encouraging: 91% of U.S. respondents considering the deployment of a mobile solution indicated they would consider using an external service provider. In Europe, 75% of respondents indicated the same.

"Clearly there is an opportunity for both IT service and software providers to play in this emerging market," said Pooneh Fooladi, senior analyst for IDC’s Internet Services research program. "Organizations must decide what benefits they are looking for and how they can get them. External providers can play a role in this decision if they have the capabilities to help an organization think through the deployment of a mobile solution, develop the applications to make the solution possible, and manage the solution on an ongoing basis."

According to survey results, 69% of all respondents who have or are considering the deployment of a mobile solution want it targeted at their employees. "By targeting employees, organizations are able to maintain control over their mobile experiments and minimize the conflicts resulting from today’s myriad of technologies and protocols," said Ned May, senior analyst for IDC’s Worldwide Services research program. "Once these solutions prove successful, we expect organizations to quickly move to deploying similar initiatives targeted to their customers and partner/supplier networks."

While most of the hype in the market has surrounded the mcommerce opportunity, survey results show the reality is quite different. Regardless of who the target audience is, organizations are first and foremost looking to provide support on products and services. This shift is demonstrating that the true value of these projects is to create efficiencies and not to drive revenues.

IDC’s survey includes results from more than 360 corporate officers in the United States and Europe. Highlights are presented in IDC’s new report Going Mobile: A Look at the End Users’ Needs (IDC #01C2944). To purchase this report, contact Jim Nagle at 1-800-343-4952, extension 4549, or at

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