Shortage of Talented Internet Executives Moves Toward Crisis, IDC Says

FRAMINGHAM, MASS – SEPTEMBER 18, 2000 – IDC announced today that Internet businesses are heading toward a crisis regarding the availability of savvy Internet executives.

“The demand for people to manage online operations is growing so fast that soon we will either have young people who know little about business running multimillion-dollar enterprises, or older business executives running online activities who are clueless about the online world. This shortage will be most acute in the so-called ‘brick-and-click’ firms,” said John Gantz, IDC’s chief research officer.

Supporting data and research analysis will be released at IDC's Internet Executive Forum (IEF) Best Practices, People and Profitability in San Francisco on September 28-29, 2000.

IDC highlighted plans to present fresh research at the IEF on the following Internet-focused trends:

Internal conflict: Documentation of the inherent personality conflict between Internet executives and their colleagues in the IT department who must get the Web sites to work.

Internet profits: Many commerce sites are already profitable, which is counter to accepted wisdom. IDC will prescribe what is required to make Internet businesses profitable.

Wireless access: The emergence of wireless mobile access to the Internet will surpass PC access in a few years, and yet will only have a small impact on overall Internet commerce. The reason few ecommerce services are designed specifically for mobile customers.

Presidency: And, the answer to who Internet executives think should be the next president.

The Internet economy is constantly evolving. As the hype begins to fade, dot-coms and other Net players are experiencing shakeouts and consolidation. According to Gantz, “As we said a year ago at this same forum, the key to getting through the year would be a shift in focus to profits. This shift does not signal the end of the ecommerce boom, but just that the rules are changing. Only the companies that go back to business fundamentals will survive.”

At this year’s IEF, IDC will combine industry analysis and forecasting with strategic insights from leading Internet executives like Ariba and Andersen Consulting. Some of the hot topics on the agenda include:

Original IDC research profiles the new breed of Internet executives — how to motivate this group and retain them with the huge shortage of qualified professionals in the workforce.

Key strategies for ebusiness profitability shared through groundbreaking information uncovered by IDC’s Internet Executive ePanel census.

Wireless technology subscribers sending and receiving information via the Internet will grow from 7.5 million in 1999 to 61.5 million in 2003, a staggering 730% growth. IDC’s latest forecasts for mobile commerce.

Success of bricks and clicks as multichannel enterprises depends on much more than an appealing Web storefront — answers to the integration versus spin-out decision.

Marketplaces — Identify winning business models, critical service offerings, and new revenue opportunities — separating the emarket winners from the also-rans.

IDC's Internet Executive Forum and its co-sponsors (Andersen Consulting, Ariba, Allegis, e2i, eOnline,, Infobank, Interwoven, Logisoft, MimEcom, NextSet, ObjectSpace, SiteSmith, Software AG) and conference partners (InfoWorld and Upside Publishing) plan to present an interactive, fact-based, and forward-thinking program.

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