Significant Opportunity Exists in the Home for Hardcopy Vendors, IDC Survey Reveals

FRAMINGHAM, MA – FEBRUARY 16, 2005 – Document output volume on printers and multifunction peripherals is alive and well in U.S. PC-owning households, according to two new IDC studies. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. households own PCs and these households have lots of computing power. In fact, the average number of PCs per PC-owning household is 1.5 and many of them have multiple hardcopy peripherals present in the home. The result is that U.S. households output billions of pages, creating significant opportunity for hardcopy vendors.

"The key for capitalizing on this opportunity is to segment the home market to identify and target the households that generate the most hardcopy volume," said Riley McNulty, research manager for Hardcopy Peripherals at IDC. "The question is, which households output the most pages and why? Moreover, what are their preferences for brand and features, and how do vendors reach these households?"

Two new IDC studies, based on data from IDC's 2004 Home Printer User Survey, shed new light on the printing and copying habits of U.S. PC-owning households:

Hardcopy in the Home: Household Characteristics That Drive Output Volume (IDC #32653) points to which household characteristics drive volume and provides guidance to vendors to capture the lion's share of the hardcopy in the home. Households providing the richest opportunity are:

— Homes that use their PCs for both personal and business purposes

— Homes with home-based businesses

— Homes with children

Hardcopy in the Home: User Brand, Channel, and Feature Preferences, (IDC #32571) highlights many important trends of the home hardcopy marketplace that will have an important bearing on the future direction of the market. Key competitive dynamics that the home hardcopy peripheral market will face include:

— A continued shift toward multifunction peripherals (MFPs)

— An increased end-user awareness and interest in laser/LED technology

— A demand for third-party consumables and retail digital photo printing services

— An interest in using a direct channel (i.e., manufacturers' Web sites) for purchasing replacement hardcopy peripherals

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