Six New “Dummies Daily” E-mail Newsletters To Cover Everything From America Online To Shopping Online

San Francisco, CA (November 10, 1997) Dummies Daily fans apparently can't get enough of the hot

e-mail newsletters' computer tips, hints, and tricks.

Responding to the growing demand, PC World Online , the leading online resource for PC buyers and users, and IDG Books Worldwide , the publisher of the popular "…For Dummies" books, today rolled out six new Dummies Daily titles covering topics from America Online to shopping online. Launched in June, Dummies Daily's free e-mail newsletters already boast over 270,000


The six new titles, bringing the total to 13, will take the same light-hearted, common sense approach to building readers' skills as the "…For Dummies" books. Based on new, original content from the award-winning editors at PC World Online and IDG Books, the new titles will cover:

Online Shopping – Become a cyber-savvy desktop shopper with authoritative advice on everything from the basics (e.g. ordering and returning items online) to finding the best bargains and latest merchandise on the


Nerd Word of the Day – Baffled by mind-boggling geek-speak? Overcome your fears with daily tech-term definitions and easy-to-understand examples.

America Online – Find areas of interest more easily and learn to beat the limitations of a closed online service with these handy pointers and short cuts for mastering America Online.

Computing / Windows 3.1 – Half of the world's PC users are using Windows 95. And what are the other half using? Good old Windows 3.1. Make the most of Program Manager, File Manager, and streamline your PC with these helpful tips.

Microsoft Front Page – Whether you want to create one simple Web home page or a huge Web site withhundreds of pages, you'll love the advice from Dummies Daily. Learn how to design snazzy looking pages, avoid HTML completely, and organize your Web site using Microsoft Front Page.

Microsoft Outlook Express -Microsoft Internet Explorer 4's fantastic new e-mail software provides a ton of new features, including better mail handling, HTML e-mail, and contact-management capabilities. But along with it come a host of issues for users. Dummies Daily comes to the rescue with daily expert tips.

"We're finding that there is a huge audience out there for the type of fun, fast, and reliable information that Dummies Daily provides," said Thomas Gewecke, publisher of PC World Online Services Group. "We will continue to meet that demand by providing our readers with the best consumer-oriented and professional advice available on the Web."

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