Solution Integrators Muddy the Waters by Referring to Themselves as eBusiness Solutions Providers, IDC Says

FRAMINGHAM, MA – DECEMBER 13, 2000 – In a recent study of 35 solution integrators, IDC learned companies that compete in this space have no one defining characteristic. Instead, the market includes a hodge-podge of players, with old and new and small and large vendors competing alike. In addition, companies that consider themselves solution integrators come from broad backgrounds and employ diverse business models. Despite their lack of similarities, many players in the solutions integrator space refer to themselves as ebusiness solutions providers, which may be confusing IT purchasers.


The root of a lot of the confusion is that almost all vendors in the solution integrators space refer to themselves as ebusiness solutions providers, said Stephanie Torto, senior analyst for IDC’s Solution Integration Strategies program. The term leaves little to no room for differentiation and leaves IT purchasers confused about a company's offerings and positioning. The reality is an ebusiness solution provider could offer a variety of solution offerings, such as eCRM and eERM, but might risk alienating potential clients with the use of such broad marketing terms.

According to IDC, when IT purchasers hear the term ebusiness solutions provider, they often assume the provider has an umbrella offering, but this is rarely the case. For purposes of IDC’s study, a full range of ebusiness solution offerings includes enterprise resource management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, knowledge management, and ebusiness services. IDC found very few companies offer this full range of offerings. In fact, only 29% of the 35 IDC profiled offer four of the five possible solutions.

The front-office, back-office, and extended-office solutions required of a full end-to-end solutions provider is a need that is not being met by many providers, Torto said.

IDC recently published Solution Integrators of the 21st Century: 35 Companies to Watch (IDC #B22831). The report looks at emerging players and their positioning in the solutions integration market and discusses the services revenues, growth, employee level, and solution offering of 35 profiled companies, including Aris Corporation, Cambridge Technology Partners, eLoyalty, marchFIRST, and Sapient.

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