Special Advertising Program for Mac OS X Developers From Macworld and MacHome

SAN FRANCISCO, APRIL 4, 2001 – Now that Apple Computer’s new operating system, Mac OS X, has been released, hundreds of developers will be announcing new and upgraded programs and peripherals over the next several months that will be compatible with the new system. Macworld and MacHome magazines, in conjunction with the Apple Developer Connection, have each created a special, discounted advertising section exclusively for Mac OS X developers.


This program is designed as a ‘bridge’ advertising program for developers, allowing them to efficiently promote Mac OS X products to the Macintosh installed base as it upgrades to the new operating system. The readers of Macworld and MacHome represent the core Macintosh professional and consumer markets, and will be among the first to convert to Mac OS X, as well as the first to try new and upgraded products.

"We realize that the transition from one operating system to another is an expensive proposition for developers, even in strong market conditions," stated Steve Plevin, publisher of Macworld. "We’ve put together a program that allows first-to-market developers to reach the early adopters in a targeted, economical fashion."

"I see this program as a win-win situation for everyone," said Susan Ford, publisher of MacHome. "Developers get cost-effective marketing and branding in a growing marketplace, and our readers get a first look at products they may not have known about without the special advertising section." Closing dates, rates, and other information for both Macworld and MacHome can be downloaded in PDF format at www.machome.com/contact.

Macworld and MacHome, in conjunction with the Apple Developer Connection, provided an extremely successful, similar program for developers in 2000. The Developer Showcase was designed for developers new to the Macintosh platform, and more than 100 advertisers took advantage of the special rates and targeted sections.

About MacHome

MacHome was launched in November of 1992 and is the leading consumer Macintosh magazine. The annual subscription rate is $34.94; it can be found on the Internet at www.machome.com and purchased at better bookstores and newsstands in the U.S. and Canada.

About Mac Publishing L.L.C.

Mac Publishing, L.L.C. publishes the world’s leading independent Macintosh publication and Web sites. Every month the award-winning Macworld magazine reaches over 1.6 million influencers of computer purchases*, while Macworld.com and MacCentral.com garner an average of 2 million unique visitors. Headquartered in San Francisco, Mac Publishing is a joint venture between Ziff-Davis Media and International Data Group.

* SOURCE: Intelliquest CIMS v 7.0